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disney & nickelodeon stars kids are grown up now


Disney & Nickelodeon Stars KIDS are Grown up Now

Get ready to feel REALLY old, because, believe it or not, the child stars we grew up watching have begun producing their very own star children. So, if you’re sitting here wondering where on earth all that time has gone, you’re not alone. Let’s get into it…

From wizards to hotel heiresses to just your average teenager trying to navigate high school, we were always able to relate to our favorite child stars in one way or another. And just as we’ve grown up, so have the child stars who portrayed our favorite on-screen characters!

Many child stars have started families of their own and are making the memories they once blessed us with. David Henrie might make some more ‘magical’ memories with his two children, Pia and James.

David starred alongside Selena Gomez as the eldest Russo (RUE-SO?) sibling on Wizards of Waverly Place, so to see him raise a family of his own is heartwarming and actually seems like it would’ve been a part of his character, Justin’s, the path all along… “Attention boogie boarders! You are in a rip tide! Swim parallel. It’s your only chance!” Fatherly instincts all along, am I right?!

David and his wife Maria Cahill (KAY-HILL) welcomed their second child, James Thomas Augustine Emanuel Henrie, on Christmas night 2020, which was not only Christmas but also the same day the year prior had their fourth miscarriage.

David thanked fans for all the prayers and wishes, saying that they “paid off in a massive way.” And two years before David had little ones, Drake & Josh’s Josh Peck and his wife Paige O’Brien welcomed their son and first child, Max Milo, earthside.

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Fans fell in love with Josh’s character Josh Nichols, as he always cared about his loved ones, especially his step-brother Drake, whom Josh was basically his scapegoat when whipping up some mischief. “No wait, I know this guy! Ask him, ask him.” “Is this guy a friend of yours?” “No, sir, he’s not.”

Ok, well, MOST of the time… but despite their occasional brotherly banter, longtime fans of the show were extremely emotional when the guy who was like a big brother to us all welcomed his own pride and joy to the Peck posse. Now we can only hope that Josh passed his humor and comedic wit straight down to his mini-me!

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Next up, Lizzie McGuire was literally ALL of us at one point in our teenage years as we were forced to navigate those awkward stages, but thanks to her, we always felt understood.  “I want a bra, ok?!” A bra! A bra! We want a bra!”

Fans were always rooting for Hilary Duff’s character, hoping that this quirky middle school teen would overcome the struggles of school, relationships, and growing up.

When she and her ex-husband Mike Comrie (CALM-REE) gave birth to their first child, Luca Cruz, back in 2012, it was as if we were Lizzie’s proud parents watching her daughter achieve all the happiness we knew she deserved. Now, Hilary just welcomed her third child and second daughter behind Banks Violet– Mae James, with her husband, Matthew Koma. Now THAT is truly what dreams are made of.

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We’re still unsure if Freddie Benson and Carly Shay actually did get their happily ever after and might actually find out sooner or later come to the iCarly reboot. Still, Nathan Kress DID get his dream come to true I-R-L as he and his wife London just welcomed their second daughter, Evie Elise, last month.

Like David Henrie, Nathan also revealed that he and London suffered multiple miscarriages following the birth of their first daughter Rosie, but the Kress family is happy, healthy, and extremely adorable! And it seems Nate has himself a jam-packed schedule as his iCarly castmates are set to return for the show’s reboot, so maybe Freddie and Carly will get their happy ending after all.

Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song were the Tipton Hotel’s dynamic tag team, but as of 2021, these two both tacked on brand new roles to their resumes… MOM! “When? She did not!” “Tell her we’re locked in the closet.” “I told her a thousand times not to!” Contrary to popular belief, these two are FULLY capable of raising their own children…

Just last month, Ashley and her husband Christopher French welcomed their first child, a daughter named Jupiter Iris, as she’s been actively sharing details of her pregnancy and post-partum journeys with fans on social media.

Ashley explained that she had an “amazing labor experience,” adding, “I set my intentions that morning and it was exactly how I wanted Jupiter to enter the world. Calm, peaceful, letting go of fear and being super present.”

Brenda, on the other hand, remained extremely tight-lipped about her pregnancy with child star Macaulay Culkin. The two dropped a major truth bomb on fans, some of which didn’t even know they were dating, revealing that they welcomed their first son, Dakota Song Culkin, earlier this month on April 5th.

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In a joint statement to Esquire, the couple explained that they were “overjoyed” about the arrival of their baby boy, who was named after Macaulay’s late sister Dakota. Last year when the outlet caught up with Brenda, she gushed about her low-key relationship with Macaulay, saying, “You can’t be around him and not be happy.”

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The two have been together since 2017 and have welcomed many fur children since then, including three cats, one dog, one fish, and a parrot… So what’s one more addition to the mix, right?!

Final thoughts!

We could not be more thrilled for all of these former child stars and their new families, and maybe in another 10 years, we’ll be lucky enough to witness a whole new generation of talent hit the scene!

For all the details on the upcoming reboot of a popular sitcom Hilary Duff is set to star in, stick around for more exciting news. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on all of your favorite child TV stars having their own children right down here in the comments.'
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