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Five foods that shouldn’t be given to young children

five foods that shouldn't be given to young children
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Five foods that shouldn’t be given to young children

For children in the age group 1-3 years, this is a vital period for growth after the end of the weaning period, when they begin to consume solid foods. However, they still need comprehensive parenting advice on what to eat and what not to eat. Here are five foods that children should not eat.

Walnut seeds

Children are hungry all the time because their fast-growing body needs calories. They may want to try whatever they think their parents/elders are consuming without knowing what is safe for them. Walnuts are not safe for children as they can choke. Babies do not have developed teeth and cannot chew nuts or seeds. Your esophagus is also thin and can cause a fatal blockage.

Spicy and fatty foods

It is recommended that you add spices to your baby’s food to provide antioxidants, but it is best to avoid food additives, lots of spices, chili, or fat. They can cause digestive discomforts, such as heartburn and reflux.

Whole fruits and vegetables

Vegetables like carrots, fruits like grapes can cause choking in babies. Finely chopped and boiled carrots, chopped grapes, or other fruits that children can easily swallow are ideal. In short, avoid eating large chunks of food.

Chewing gum and candy

Most children like candy and gum. However, both candies can cause suffocation and death in young children. Therefore, it is better not to leave such items at home, so that the child is not tempted.

Carbonated drinks

They provide instant calories and are sweet; everything children need. However, they are not only an unhealthy option for children, but also for adults. Bacteria on our teeth react with large amounts of sugar in soda and produce acids that damage tooth enamel. Frequent consumption of carbonated beverages also causes cavities in children.

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