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ian somerhalder & paul wesley clashed over this 'vampire diaries' death!
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Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley CLASHED Over THIS ‘Vampire Diaries’ Death!

“But whatever, I lost that battle.

You lost that.

I lost a lot of battles.”

Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley just revealed they fought over whose character would get to die at the end of Vampire Diaries. While we know how the show ended, you must hear what these two had to say!

Vampire Diaries ended back in 2017, but if you’re watching the show for the first time on Netflix right now, beware, there will be spoilers ahead. When the final season, season eight, ended, we saw many of the main characters die, including Paul Wesley’s Stefan Salvatore. And while Stefan dies, his brother Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, survives and turns human. All these years later, though, Ian has a bone to pick with how the series ended, specifically for his character.

In a new interview with Access, Paul and Ian revealed that they actually both hoped their characters would die at the end of the series. “Um well we both wanted to die at the end of the show, we wanted the brothers to go out with a bang together and we were fighting over who would die.”

Paul even went on to say that Ian was jealous of his character Stefan’s fate. “And I ended up getting it and you were a little jealous. You have to admit you were a little jealous. Well, here’s the thing, let’s redefine jealousy one minute.”  But Ian also clarified the reason behind wanting his character to die.

ian somerhalder & paul wesley clashed over this 'vampire diaries' death

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He said that because Damon and his brother came into the show together, he thought they should go out together too. “I just felt that it was more poetic for these two brothers to go away and then to let these humans sort of resettle back into their town. And whatever I lost that.”

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So yeah, the show didn’t exactly end the way Ian was hoping for his character, but at least Damon got a happier ending. And in case you’re wondering if these two would ever be interested in a reboot of Vampire Diaries and maybe making some changes to the way the show ended… It wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Back in March, Ian and Paul spoke to People, and Paul said, “With all due respect, it was such a great period of my life. And I’m so grateful, but for me, everyone has chapters and that’s that chapter. And this is a new chapter. You don’t want to ruin what’s already been created.”

Ian agreed that that chapter is closed for them. He added that “I often have said, because I’ve had this conversation so many times with people and I thought, ‘Well, what would that look like?’ And I can’t imagine it.”

So even though Ian would have rather seen Damon die, he wouldn’t reboot the show or change the ending at this point, even if he had the chance to. For now, these two are working on a new business venture together called Brother’s Bond Bourbon, taking their brotherly love off-screen.

If you want more on why these two would never want to reboot Vampire Diaries, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know what you think about how Vampire Diaries ended and if you agree with Ian that Damon should’ve died with Stefan.'
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