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mrbeast has new bullying & homophobia statements against him!
Source: Clevver News


MrBeast Has New BULLYING & Homophobia Statements Against Him!

According to a new report, Mr. Beast is the latest YouTuber to face criticism for cultivating a work environment plagued with favoritism and bullying. Let’s get into what was said.

Jimmy Donaldson, AKA Mr. Beast, is known for his charitable giveaways and over-the-top challenge videos.  His channel is one of the biggest on YouTube, with over 61.6 million subscribers, and his videos rake in at least tens of millions of views every time he uploads.

Mr. Beast’s more popular videos have been known to garner hundreds of millions of views. And just last year, he tweeted about wanting to be the Elon Musk of YouTube– and it seemed like he was well on his way. But now, his massive popularity is being put in question after accusations have surfaced from his former employees about a toxic work environment.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of employees speaking out against a celebrity or creator. In recent history, we all remember when The Ellen DeGeneres Show employees banded together in a BuzzFeed article to speak out against the treatment, they were receiving.

And similarly, Vlog Squad members like Jeff Wittek have opened up about the life-threatening stunts that David Dobrik had him do for vlogs, one of which left him with severe injuries and just inches from death.

So now, in a new New York Times article, some of Mr. Beast’s past editors are claiming that he bullied them while they were under his employment. And longtime fans of Mr. Beast know that this also isn’t the first time that accusations like this have been made against him.

mrbeast has new bullying & homophobia statements against him

Source: Clevver News

People might remember one of his former editors– Matt Turner, who worked for Mr. Beast from February 2018 to September 2019. Matt spoke to the New York Times and alleged that Mr. Beast “berated him almost every day.”

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He added that Mr. Beast “often called him by a phrase used to insult people with mental disabilities,” which frequently left him in tears. Matt has previously shared his experiences on Twitter, saying that working for Mr. Beast was “the most mentally draining time of his life.”
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And back in 2019, Matt also made a video talking about his negative work experience.  “He’d be like what the f*ck is this, this is disgusting, what are you stupid? And I’d be like man why do you have to insult me like that, you can say this is too much or not enough.”

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And in the New York Times article, Matt said not only was he treated poorly, but he was never properly credited for his editing work. He told the outlet that “I was not to be credited for anything I did. I’d ask for credit, he’d credit someone else.”

And Matt wasn’t the only editor who shared their negative experience. Nate Anderson, who edited for MrBeast in March 2018, also spoke out. Nate spoke to the New York Times about how he quit after just a week of work, claiming that Mr. Beast was a “perfectionist” who made “unreasonable demands.”

Nate said, “Nothing ever worked for him. He always wanted it a certain way.” Nate explained that after he quit, he uploaded a tell-all video to his own channel detailing the “worst week of his life,” but eventually deleted it because he started receiving death threats and hateful comments from Mr. Beast’s fans.

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And Matt agreed with Nate on this front, saying quote, “These kids don’t even know what they’re saying. They’re just in this cult of YouTube stardom where they don’t want to see their biggest creator fall.” And one of those fans, Akash Rathod (RA-TOAD), spoke to the Times saying that he was troubled by Mr. Beast’s silence during these online attacks while his fans spewed hate.

Akash said, “There needs to be more from Mr. Beast on the issues his fans are causing. It’s not enough just to make positive videos.” Mr. Beast hasn’t spoken out since this New York Times piece was published, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear from him directly.

Though, it’s important to note that back in 2019, after Matt Turner first spoke out against Mr. Beast, it was revealed that Mr. Beast supposedly gave Matt $10,000 as severance as well as another job at SoaR Gaming.

Additionally, according to Mr. Beast’s reps, he currently employs around 50 other people, none of which spoke to the New York Times for the piece. So it’s unclear if more will speak out or if these were just alleged isolated incidents.

We will keep you in the loop as this story continues to unfold. But for now, if you want more on Mr. Beast, stick around for more updated news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of these accusations and if they will impact Mr. Beast’s channel or career.

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