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austin mahone weighs in on bhad bhabie onlyfans reaction
Source: Clevver News


Austin Mahone Weighs In On Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans Reaction!

After more and more controversy continues to surface surrounding the OnlyFans age limit, Singer Austin Mahone is speaking out and explaining why he thinks the 18-year age limit should NOT be increased. Let’s get into it.

Austin Mahone may be a name you haven’t heard in a while, but his OnlyFans presence might speak differently. But after more controversy arose regarding the age limit of the platform’s creators, Austin spoke his peace and revealed why the age limit should not be raised from 18+ to 21+.

During a night out in Los Angeles, paparazzi caught up with Austin to ask him about the issue and explained that many fans found it creepy when Bhad Bhabie– AKA Danielle Bregoli– turned 18 and immediately broke OnlyFans records within 6 hours of being on the platform.

austin mahone weighs in on bhad bhabie onlyfans reaction...

Source: Clevver News

Austin was quick to share his thoughts on the matter and explained why he thinks there’s no harm in keeping the age limit to 18+. “I think it’s okay for 18+. I mean, OnlyFans is a platform just like, you know, any other platform, which is what you feel like doing with it.” Austin is pretty active on OnlyFans, occasionally posting discounts for his site on Twitter– however, his content is pretty lax as he reportedly doesn’t show full nudity.

The debate about whether the OnlyFans age should be lowered heightened back in March, when Danielle posted a countdown to her 18th birthday, on March 26th, which is the legal age limit to post on the streaming platform.

Danielle then shared literal receipts on Instagram showing her earnings of over $1million dollars- in just six hours after her debut, and she also happened to break Bella Thorne’s previous 24-hour record.

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After Austin was asked about the OnlyFans age limit, he then gave a mention to Bhad Bhabie for hustling on the platform, adding, “Shoutout to her, I heard she made a lot of money in the first week. She’s killin’ it! Shoutout to Bhad Bhabie.”

austin mahone weighs in on bhad bhabie onlyfans reaction!

Source: Yahoo Sports

Like Austin, there were some fans who came to Danielle’s defense, with this user saying that she was “never a poster child for desexualization.” They added, “Bhad bhabie getting an only fans didn’t feel disingenuous. It felt like a natural extension of who she is and what she believes in.”

Another person explained that the problem isn’t Danielle getting an OnlyFans, but that, “The problem is the grown a** men that have been watching her grow up from 13 years old and subscribing to her right when she turned 18.”

Danielle is now technically of legal age to make her own decisions, and although there is currently no word on whether or not the age limit will be increased to 21+, she will more than likely carry on doing her thing…

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To see what Tyler Posey recently had to say about the harsh reality of OnlyFans, stick around for a full recap. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Austin’s opinions about the OnlyFans age limit right down here in the comments.'
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