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‘Euphoria’ Star Tears DOWN In Tears Over Intolerable Comments!

'euphoria' star tears down in tears over intolerable comments
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Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney broke down in tears on Instagram in an emotional Livestream after noticing that her name was trending on Twitter for a devastating reason. Let’s break it down.

Over time, celebs have more commonly admitted to not Googling themselves as it typically only results in false rumors and damaging claims being made by unknown ‘sources,’ but when you begin trending on Twitter, there is much more cause for investigation. Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard on the HBO drama series, learned the hard way that when you randomly begin trending on social media, it may not always be a cause for celebration…

She took to Instagram in a tearful Livestream after noticing that her name was trending on social media on Saturday night, but when diving deeper into the reason, Sydney found that harsh criticism about her appearance was the main topic of conversation.

From what it seems, this entire situation stemmed from one tweet suggesting that Sydney is “ugly” while comparing her physical appearance to a “muppet” and that she is “unattractive if you don’t look at her breasts.” The tweet has since been removed, and even if it was still floating around Twitter, I’d rather not give the person added attention for bullying someone to the point of tears.

'euphoria' star tears down in tears over intolerable comments!


The unwarranted attention immediately prompted Sydney to take to Instagram live to address the hate in a tearful video explaining that she wouldn’t normally address this but explained why she felt the need to do so. Take a look: “I think it’s really important for people to see how words actually affect people. I know everyone says you can’t read things, you shouldn’t read things, but I’m a f***ing person.”

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Ok, that breaks my heart…While explaining that she was doing nothing but watching TV with her dog when she happened to stumble upon the unnecessary hatred, Sydney urged fans to be nicer on social media. Can we just take a second to talk about this, you guys, because I’m honestly confused at how people could possibly think THIS is ugly? Am I missing something here?!

Fans immediately rushed to Sydney’s defense, sharing a slew of supportive messages while urging her to try and look past the opinions of Internet trolls who have nothing better to do with their time.

One user tweeted, “Sydney Sweeney crying on IG Live ‘cause people are insinuating she’s only attractive ‘cause of her chest? Why are ppl bringing people’s bodies to discourse like it’s a fun topic?” Others continued sharing photos of Sydney, like this person who said, “People calling Sydney Sweeney ugly… they can’t be serious.”

Sydney nor her fellow castmates have yet to address the response to her emotional Livestream publicly, but knowing the strong bond the Euphoria cast has, we can only hope she realizes just how beautiful she is.

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On a lighter note, don’t forget to stick around to see what Zendaya recently teased about the upcoming season of Euphoria. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Sydney’s emotional plea to fans after being online bullied right down here in the comments.

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