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katy perry replies 'american idol' judge over her hairy legs!


Katy Perry Replies ‘American Idol’ Judge Over Her Hairy Legs!

It’s 2021, and I think by now we all agree that men, women, and nonbinary folks can all do whatever they want when it comes to their body hair! And Katy Perry agrees! She just shut down Luke Bryan for telling her to “do something” about her leg hair. Let’s get into it.

The decision to shave or not shave body hair is a personal choice for men, women, and non-binary people.

More and more people have decided to ditch the razors over the years– for a variety of reasons and to embrace their natural selves! Katy Perry is one of those people. Just last month, she showed off her legs on an episode of American Idol and revealed why she stopped shaving.

Though, to be clear, no one needs a justification for shaving or not. As we said, it’s a personal decision, and everyone should embrace what feels best for them.  “As a new mother I don’t have very much time, so I’ve quit shaving my legs. But when you sang, the hair on my legs grew an inch an a half. Full body chills! It was amazing.”

To prove her point, Katy went on to literally put her legs up on the judges’ table, and fellow judge Luke Bryan confirmed that “She has leg hair.” And well, it looks like Luke needs a one-way ticket to the 21st century because he made yet another comment about Katy’s leg hair.

katy perry replies 'american idol' judge over her hairy legs

Source: Koimoi

Katy took to her IG stories from on set of American Idol, where Luke commented on her decision to prioritize spending time with her daughter over shaving.  “I know you’re a mom and everything, but we gotta do something about this leg hair.”

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Katy clapped back at Luke, and yes, while this conversation seemed to be totally playful and harmless, let’s be clear, Katy is totally allowed to rock leg hair without any criticism or explanation. “No I don’t got time, I’d rather cuddle with my daughter. It is literally… Yeah.”

And fans have been taking to Twitter to share their reactions to Luke criticizing Katy’s leg hair. One person shared this GIF and wrote, “luke bryan complaining about katy perry’s non existent leg hair.. Yeah that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.”

Another fan chimed in, writing, “is Luke serious? it’s 2021… women don’t have to shave their leg hair. no one does if they don’t want to or don’t have time to… she certainly doesn’t need to explain why to a man.”

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Katy didn’t seem too bothered by Luke’s comments, though, and went on to post these epic pics from last night’s episode, writing “3 ways to vote, 2 episodes left, 1 hawt momma, Top 5 is in your hands.” One hawt momma indeed! Leg hair or not!

For more on Katy Perry, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Katy clapping back at Luke Bryan about her leg hair.'
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