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'stranger things 4' teaser sees eleven in danger


Latest ‘Stranger Things 4’ Teaser Sees Eleven In DANGER?!

OMG, we just got a brand new Stranger Things season four trailer, and it appears to be a flashback to Eleven’s time in captivity under Dr. Martin Brenner, AKA Papa. Okay, we’ve gotta dive into this clip and what all this might mean! It feels like it’s been a lifetime at this point since Netflix first announced Stranger Things season four. But a pandemic, and nearly two years later, we’ve finally got another trailer to get excited about!

While Netflix has teased that season four will explore a world beyond Hawkins, Indiana, this trailer seems to be more of a throwback than a step forward. In this new teaser, we see what appears to be a flashback, showing Dr. Martin Brenner, who seemingly died at the end of season one.

There has been a lot of speculation since then, though, as to whether or not he’s really dead. Anyway, we see Dr. Brenner, AKA Papa as Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Eleven’ calls him addressing a group of children at the same facility that Eleven originated from.

The trailer welcomes us into the infamous rainbow room that we’ve heard Eleven speak about in previous seasons. Can we just talk about the potential clues and foreshadowing in those ten seconds alone?! The chess, the signs point to yes, the red blocks… what does it all MEAN!!!

All we can say is that every sign is pointing to ‘YES.’ We are so excited for season four! The trailer continues, and we see the sinister Dr. Brenner address the group of children they refer to as Papa.

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Meanwhile, we hear heavy breathing in the background as we approach the door with the number eleven on it. “Good morning children, good morning papa. How are you today? Good Papa. Good. I’m glad to hear it because today because today I have something very special planned for you.”

stranger things

Source: The Verge

Then, finally, we get our quick and only glimpse of Millie Bobby Brown in this flashback moment. “Eleven, are you listening? Ahh.” (flashes her eyes)  Did we already mention how excited we are?? Oh, and we’re totally not alone; fans are losing their minds too. Stranger Things quickly started trending on Twitter as soon as this trailer dropped, and people have been sharing all their theories.

This person tried to figure out when season four will actually be released and noticed that “the description of the new #StrangerThings teaser has “002/004”. Similarly the first teaser from last year has “001/004”. I don’t think this has anything to do with the release date but I reckon we’ll get two more teasers before we learn anything else.” This fan chimed in with this GIF that is basically all of us right now writing “Me after we got that 1 min teaser clip for Stranger Things 4 #StrangerThings.”

Another person went through and gave us a shot-by-shot analysis of each part of the trailer, and I must say, we respect this kind of dedication. And there was this fan theory, “WE’RE GETTING ELEVEN’S BACKSTORY.”

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I mean, it would make sense that Eleven reflects on her past in season four as she tries to re-hone in on her powers she lost at the end of season three after her battle with the Mind Flayer. So far, the only other official glimpse of season four we’ve gotten is from February 2020, when we saw that Hopper is still alive and in Russia.

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So hopefully, this new trailer is a sign that Eleven is somehow going to be able to get her powers back and locate him. She needs to know he’s alive! Anyway, don’t mind us as we spend the rest of the week re-watching this trailer 100 times to look for more clues.

We’ll keep you posted if we find anything else out about the upcoming season, and you’ll be the first to know when we finally hear about an official release date.

For now, for more on Stranger Things season four, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you thought of this new trailer. Do you have any theories! Please share them with us!'
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