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Liza Koshy’s YouTube Show ‘Liza On Demand’ Is Ending soon!

liza koshy's youtube show 'liza on demand' is ending soon
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Sad news for Liza Koshy fans, her YouTube series Liza On Demand will reportedly come to an end after the upcoming third season, an ending that will actually be a historic moment for YouTube. If you’ve been a fan of Liza Koshy’s for as long as we have, you’ve loved her scripted comedy series, Liza, On-Demand, since day one.

The show first premiered back in 2018 and starred Liza Koshy and Kimiko Glenn, Travis Coles, and more. “Hey, what are you doing home so early? Well, Tyler came out about being bald, being blind, but managed to leave out the part about being married. What?! Yeah we went back to his place and there were pictures of his wife everywhere.”

The episodes of season one and season two of the beloved show raked in tens of millions of views, and it won two Streamy Awards for Best Comedy Series, and Liza won for Best Acting in a Comedy.

Along with starring in the show, Liza Koshy also is one of the creators and executive producers of the series, and we know how important this show is to her. Fans know that Liza On Demand was originally renewed for season three in early 2020, but like most other productions, it faced delays due to COVID.

So fans have been anxiously awaiting a season three release date. And more recently, Liza has been posting photos from the set, getting fans excited for season three to drop later this year. Sadly though, according to Deadline, this upcoming season will be the last. “No, no no no no no!”

liza koshy's youtube show 'liza on demand' is ending soon!

Source: Just Jared Jr.

And what fans might not realize is that Liza On Demand is YouTube’s last scripted series in their original programming catalog. Deadline reported that ending Liza On Demand means that YouTube will completely say” goodbye to its last scripted series after pivoting away from the genre and focusing on unscripted programming instead.”

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We’ve already seen much of the unscripted programming they plan to focus on, including projects like celebrity docu-series and reality shows. They announced they would be doing more celeb docu-series with stars like Will Smith, Alicia Keys, and Migos.

And as for the other YouTube scripted original series like Cobra Kai and Step Up, they’ve already moved to other platforms like Netflix and Starz, respectively. It’s unclear at the moment if Liza On Demand could be picked up by a streaming platform, but we’d love to see that happen!

Fans have been taking to Twitter to writing things like “so sad to see Liza on Demand go… can netflix or hulu or someone come snatch this show up?! It’s hilarious.”
 And we couldn’t agree more! We’d also love to see some unscripted Liza Koshy programming, right?!

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We will keep you posted if we hear anything else about the future of Liza On Demand or any other new content from Liza. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Liza On Demand ending, and are you as bummed as we are?

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