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madison beer tired over 'cringe' & 'awkward' comment
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Madison Beer Tired Over ‘Cringe’ & ‘Awkward’ Comments

Madison Beer is firing back at online trolls after admitting to feeling “exhausted” over hurtful comments as she begs her fans to spread a little more kindness.

Madison Beer truly can’t seem to catch a break from the non-stop cyberbullying and verbal attacks she receives daily, and it’s led her to air out her frustrations through social media, now too many times to count.

More recently, however, Madison took to Twitter to express how “exhausted” she was with everything she does “being labeled as cringe or embarrassing,” and even admitted that this had caused her never to want to leave her house again.

After just releasing her debut album Life Support back in February, Madison performed her song “Blue” during a March taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show. Still, no matter how inspired fans are by her, the unnecessary negative response has become too much to take on.

madison beer tired over 'cringe' & 'awkward' comments

Source: BuzzFeed News

She took to Twitter on Wednesday and got real about her daily struggles with fans, saying, “I struggle so f**kin much to do such simple things bc of all the mental health things I deal with that I’ve talked about publicly and still!!! Still I am literally bullied and made fun of NONSTOP (btw REGARDLESS if u don’t even know someone struggles… why be so mean to people?).”

Madison also addressed the fact that after she expresses these frustrations, she still gets negative responses, adding in another tweet, “I hate this narrative of ‘don’t make music or be on social media if u can’t handle it’ how abouttttt no! Don’t be a f**kin dick to people, it’s not hard. & if it I.S. hard for u to either be kind or just not..say anything… do some introspection on yourself & stop worrying about me.”

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Although it’s unclear what exactly prompted Madison’s tweets, she admitted in a follow-up tweet to a fan that she’s been “bullied, discredited, attacked & made fun of every day” of her life since she was 12 years old.” Ultimately, Madison didn’t forget to thank the fans who always make her feel heard, urging people to simply “just be nice to people.”

In reality, this truly doesn’t seem like a difficult concept to grasp. Still, Madison recently opened up to outlet N-M-E and revealed that this online bullying has yet to slow down, crediting TikTok for “sparking this whole new wave of bullies.” Madison has garnered over 14 million followers on the platform, but the more followers, the more criticism she’s faced with.

She added, “Sometimes, I’ll see a video of myself on my ‘For You’ page and I want to scroll past it as fast as I can. Because I know if I look at it, the comments are going to be horrible and hateful to me and below the belt.”

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In the past, Madison has been criticized over things like plastic surgery rumors, staging photo ops, and addressing topics in poor timing with the many other pressing matters going on in the world.

madison beer exhausted 'cringe' & 'awkward' comments

Source: Clevver News

She’s always been one to take accountability and apologize for her slip-ups, but it’s important to note that, just like us, she’s only human, and the unnecessary bullying has left her no choice but to speak out. And as the age-old saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe just step away from the keyboard and refrain from putting those Twitter fingers to work… Problem solved!

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And to see why Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley was mocked over a comment made about Madison, stay here for a full recap. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on Madison’s latest plea to fans down here in the comments and if you also think the hate has gotten out of hand.'
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