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miley cyrus & kaitlynn carter's romance was 'gnarly' to brody jenner
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Miley Cyrus & Kaitlynn Carter’s Romance Was ‘GNARLY’ To Brody Jenner!

“In our entire relationship you never expressed that you had any interest in females whatsoever.”

In a new teaser for season two of “The Hills: New Beginnings,” Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter discuss their split and how Brody reacted to Kaitlynn’s rebound with Miley Cyrus. Let’s get into everything they said!

The first season of “The Hills: New Beginnings” aired in 2019, and a LOT has happened to all the cast members since then. In particular, Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter have come a long way during the filming hiatus.

Last we saw on screen; the two were still married on the show, though they had already called it quits in real life by the time the first season aired. And in a new clip ahead of the season two premiere next week, fans got a sneak peak at Brody and Kaitlynn’s conversation about what went wrong at the end of their marriage.

miley cyrus & kaitlynn carter's romance was 'gnarly' to brody jenner!

Source: US Weekly

Brody started off by discussing the pressures he felt to take the next step, like have kids, and he said that that pushed him to drink more than he should have.  “There were certain things in our marriage that were driving me to drink more than normal honestly.”

But Kaitlynn said she felt like Brody was just blaming his drinking on the pressures of their marriage and that there were bigger underlying issues.  “Brody likes to use me pressuring him as like a little bit of a scapegoat for his drinking.” The two also discussed what happened after their split, and in case you forgot, Kaitlynn started dating Miley Cyrus shortly after her split from Brody.

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During their short-lived relationship, the two were spotted out on multiple occasions packing on the PDA. And while Kaitlynn and Miley didn’t work out, Brody claims he never saw that relationship coming and wasn’t aware of that side of Kaitlynn’s sexuality while they were married.

“The circumstances of what happened after our split catered to that negative sh*t. You know like the whole lesbian thing was gnarly cause in our entire relationship you never expressed that you had any interest in females whatsoever.”

Kaitlynn disagreed, and she didn’t think that was fair of Brody to say, and we’ll just leave Brody’s response up to your interpretation.  “I dont think that’s totally fair of you to say. We had some fun. What I’m saying is like. Yeah. Yes.”  Well!

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Innuendos aside, Kaitlynn revealed that she just hadn’t met the right woman yet to make her really want to explore that side of herself.  “Well I think I just had never met somebody that I was into. But it was a shock for me and I think a lot of people that saw that.”  Their conversation got cut off, but it will definitely be interesting to see how the rest of it unfolds in next week’s season premiere.

Fans have been taking to the comments of this video, sharing their reactions to Brody’s response about Kaitlynn and Miley’s relationship. One person wrote, “Will these guys ever act their ages?”

Another fan said, “did anyone else watch this and be like … Brody shouldn’t have been surprised– clearly some stuff went down between them when they were married. maybe he should’ve made her comfortable enough to talk about it then… and like Kaitlynn said, she just hadn’t met the right person.” But another person said they were proud of Kaitlynn and Brody and how far they’ve come.

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We’ll definitely be tuning in to see how the rest of this conversation goes down. For now, if you want more on what Kaitlynn had to say about her and Miley’s split, stick around for other delightful news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of what we got to see of Kaitlynn and Brody’s conversation.'
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