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zac efron's ex states she was 'brainwashed' after dating him!
Source: RadarOnline


Zac Efron’s Ex States She Was ‘BRAINWASHED’ After Dating Him!

In a new interview, Zac Efron’s ex, Olympian Sarah Bro, said she was left heartbroken, “manipulated,” and “almost brainwashed” after their split. Let’s get into what Sarah said about their relationship.

Zac Efron recently broke up with his girlfriend of around ten months, Vanessa Valladares. But amid that break-up news, one of Zac’s other former flames spoke out on how their relationship ended.

Danish Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro, who was linked to Zac in 2019, opened up on a podcast about a relationship that ended badly. And while Sarah didn’t specifically mention Zac by name, fans have pointed out that the timeline and descriptions match her and Zac’s relationship.

Sarah explained that she dated an American movie star on the podcast and that she had never discussed it publicly with the press before. She decided to bring it up, though, because they discussed the topic “what is love?” and this relationship had a lasting impact on her. “What is love?”

According to Pop Culture’s translation, Sarah started off by saying, “It’s difficult to talk about love, without also talking about the one thing that has made me truly believe in my heart that I should not have a boyfriend again.” Sarah explained that her relationship with what seems to be Zac Efron led to her completely losing sight of who she was.

She said, “I had come so far that I hardly knew what was right and wrong. I had been so manipulated and almost brainwashed. But also because I was young, confused, and in love, and I chose to turn a blind eye on purpose.”

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Sarah detailed some specific troubling experiences from her relationship, saying quote, “My ex-boyfriend would tell me that I was so annoying because I was always so happy. And then I start believing in it.”

And Sarah revealed that throughout their toxic relationship, she would hold on to the few good moments saying, “If he said to me one day that I looked nice. Then I could live on that for weeks.” She added that “It was really hard being with someone where I compromised so much with my own boundaries. Eventually, I got so far away from who I really was that I couldn’t recognize myself.”

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zac efron's ex states she was 'brainwashed' after dating him

Source: newsbinding

So Sarah revealed that when she and Zac broke up, not only did she have to deal with their split, but she said she had to find a way to put herself back together after feeling so broken. Sarah said, “It was not just my heart that was broken. It was my whole personality that was split in half.”

Sarah said that she has since moved on from her past relationship and is finally dating some new. She described this new partner as “honest, loyal, and down to earth,” but admitted she has “some baggage” after her previous heartbreak.

While Sarah said she is excited about her new relationship, she added that “I got used to making some delusions inside myself. I had reached a point where it was normal for me to have a stomach ache. So not having it is actually pretty weird. And I’m afraid I’m going to get it again.” And so, at the end of the day, Sarah made it clear in the podcast episode that her wounds from the relationship have healed.

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But the feelings and hesitations she developed during that time have carried over into her new relationships and made her wary when it comes to dating in general. Zac hasn’t spoken out since this podcast episode came out, and the rumors that Sarah’s revelations could be about him have started to swirl around.

He’s just been posting on his social media pages as usual, but we’ll keep you in the loop if he shares his side of the story regarding his split with Sarah.

For now, if you want more on Zac Efron, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of what Sarah said about her relationship with Zac. Or do you think it could possibly be about someone else?'
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