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Harry Styles Authentic Details Living In ATTIC During His 1D Days!

harry styles authentic details living in attic during his 1d days
Source: Clevver Music

Can you imagine having Harry Styles live in your attic for almost two whole years?! Well, James Gordon’s producer is lucky enough to say that he doesn’t need to imagine it because he actually lived it — Let’s get into it.

Gather around everyone, and storytime’s here: Before Harry Styles became a household name worldwide, he was just another struggling artist trying to get his foot in the door of recording studios. Harry began showing interest in music from a very young age, and by high school, he had already formed a pop-rock band named White Eskimo.

However, as many of you know, Harry’s big break came at the age of 16 when he auditioned for the T.V. music competition, The X Factor, performing Stevie Wonder’s iconic song ‘Isn’t She Lovely. While Harry at first didn’t exactly dazzle the judges with his singing abilities and stage presence, he still made it to the next round.

As luck would have it for young Harry, he got a second chance at superstardom after being eliminated on the show by joining fellow eliminated competitors Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne to form a boyband for the remainder of the competition. And it was during those days; Harry had to find a place to stay while still competing on The X Factor because the home was three hours away from the studios in London.

Harry, always the charmer, struck up a friendship with a young filmmaker, who also happened to be James Corden’s production partner, by the name of Ben Winston. Harry ended up relocating closer to where they filmed the show, but he still needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks while his new home was being worked on.

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According to Rolling Stone magazine, Harry actually made the first move and asked Ben if he and his wife wouldn’t mind having him crash at their place for a couple of weeks. Wait, hold on a second… can you imagine Harry Styles asking one of us, regular people, that question? Oh my God, sorry, I digress….

The couple gave him the green light and put out a mattress for him in their attic. Ben was also making a name for himself in the industry at the time, so he’d also mentor Harry about the ins and outs of the music biz.

harry styles authentic details living in attic during his 1d days!

Source: Bustle

Two weeks went by, and something else came up that would keep Harry from moving out, and before they all knew it, Harry ended up staying in Ben’s attic for 20 months! Yes, 20 months!

Ben went on to reveal details about this unlikely living arrangement with the up-and-coming star. He shared that he is from a very conservative Orthodox Jewish lifestyle, in a secluded suburban setting, which was in sharp contrast with Harry’s growing fame and A-list guests he’d bring over.

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However, Ben also reflects that this situation helped Harry stay grounded during the difficult process of rising to superstardom. After all, those were the months’ Harry went from being an unknown reality show competitor to a member of one of the biggest bands in the world.

Their friendship only grew stronger throughout the years as Harry would become godfather to Ben’s daughter and Ben, in turn, would go on to produce many projects for One Direction, including music videos for ‘Best Song Ever, ‘Story of My Life’ and ‘Midnight Memories’. We love hearing stories about our favorite artists while they were on the come up and we only hope that Ben will share more Harry and 1D stories very soon…

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And if you got nostalgic watching this video, well, you can head right over to this next one about several unseen photos of One Direction. And also, let us know in the comments what you think having Harry Styles live in your attic would be like.

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