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2001 Xbox Easter egg has been revealed, and maybe more will come out

Source: The Verge

It has been an unconcealed associate degree Easter egg that’s been hidden on the initial Xbox for pretty much twenty years when a developer United Nations agency worked on the console sent in an exceedingly tip. The Easter egg, which has apparently remained secret heretofore, will show you the Xbox Dashboard Team’s names when you follow a byzantine set of steps (as is par for the course once it involves some game secrets).

Suppose you’ve got one amongst the consoles. In that case, you’ll be able to attempt it out for yourself by splitting a CD as an audio recording and occupation it “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” (using twenty-six “y” s to achieve the most quantity of characters allowed). When the rip is complete, reaching the Xbox’s Settings > System data screen can instead show the names of the folks that worked on the dashboard.

The Easter egg is analogous to a different one on Microsoft’s original console, wherever naming an audio recording rip “<>” can right away play credits thanking the console’s development partners and players.

Developers concealing their names in games and consoles is nothing new. It’s widely believed that the primary game Easter egg was created by developers attempting to induce their name into their game. Because the story goes, developer Warren Robinett hid his name within the 1980 game journey when Atari refused to present him credit.

Modern consoles additionally wish to incorporate various winks and nods to play culture still — the PS5 has PlayStation’s painting circle, triangle, square, cross symbols wrought into a number of its plastic, and this Fisher-Price gamepad for literal babies incorporates the famed Konami Code.

Despite gamers being ever-vigilant for hidden secrets, it looks as if there’s still a minimum of one concealing somewhere within the Xbox. Seamus Blackley, the creator, and designer of the Xbox tweeted in 2017 that there was still a hidden secret that nobody had found. However, the one unconcealed Friday wasn’t what he was concerning; he told:

Thankfully, Blackley was kind enough to reply to some queries concerning all of this. He confirmed that affirmative, the Xbox Easter egg he has in mind will revolve round the Xbox’s boot animation and isn’t the “Timmy” secret we’re revealing today—which he didn’t comprehend.

It looks the egg hunt will continue for fans of the traditional console.

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