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travis barker's ex shares more kim kardashian relationship details


Travis Barker’s Ex Shares MORE Kim Kardashian Relationship Details!

New evidence suggesting that Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker DID actually hook up just resurfaced, and Travis’s ex-wife is now accusing him of ‘recycling’ their past relationship with Kourtney Kardashian — let’s get into it.

Last weekend Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker’s 15-year-old daughter, Alabama, was feuding online with her mom. In the middle of all the drama, the teenager leaked a screenshot of an alleged Instagram DM where her mother accused Travis; of cheating on her with Kim Kardashian! Part of the alleged message read: “I divorced Travis because I caught him having an affair with Kim! Now he’s in love with her sister… It’s all gross… I’m not the bad guy!”

And rather than try to deny it or play it down, Shanna not only owned up to the allegations in the DM, but she actually doubled down.  In a recent interview with US Weekly, Shanna echoed the content of her DM, claiming, “I divorced my ex because, I saw them — I caught them having an affair.”

And as it turns out, in a 2015 interview, also with US Weekly, Travis admitted that he was immediately drawn to Kim upon meeting her the first time. According to the publication, Travis was hooking up with Paris Hilton back in 2006, and as we all know, Kim was her assistant at the time, which is how they came to meet.

Travis actually described the moment he first laid eyes on Kim, saying, “How could you not stare at Kim? Mind you, I enjoyed hanging out with Paris, but I love curvy girls. Kim was eye candy. I was no way disrespectful to Paris, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Kim!”

travis barker's ex shares more kim kardashian relationship details!


Travis explained that he continued hanging out with Kim, as they both lived in Calabasas, and she’d ask him for advice on starring in her own reality show — yep, this was pre-KUWTK — but Travis was adamant it was all strictly platonic between them. He added: “I had a crush on her and we were flirtatious but nothing ever happened.” However, not everyone agrees with that statement…

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According to Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day, Travis DID, in fact, have a fling with Kim back in those days. In an Instagram story she posted in July 2020 reminiscing about previous Fourth of July celebrations, Aubrey made the following revelation, though she didn’t specify the year it all went down.

She wrote: “I was ‘bffs’ with Kim Kardashian during a fourth. She was hooking up with Travis Barker and we were at his house […] Shanna his ex (who I love) supposedly was threatening to slash her tires […] so they asked her to park her car somewhere else.”

It’s worth noting that neither Travis, Kim, or any of their direct reps have addressed any of these allegations at the time of reporting. In the meantime, Shanna has been dishing on how she feels about Travis and Kourtney’s romance.

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On Thursday, she shared with US Weekly that she believes her ex is subtly trying to shade her through his PDA-filled relationship with Kourtney. However, she says she’s not bothered at all by their relationship, as she’s been there, done that… literally.

Us Weekly reports that Shanna believes that Travis is recycling the same blueprint he used to woo her, down to some very intimate moments they once shared almost two decades ago.

Shanna said, “What was weird is that they were posting about a movie [True Romance] that Travis and I basically bonded over. I called him Clarence in the movie. We named our daughter after the character Alabama in the movie. I walked down the aisle to ‘You’re So Cool’ from True Romance. Our first dance at our wedding was to the love song from True Romance.”

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Shanna also brought up that Travis had a plane with a banner fly around to wish her a happy birthday just like he did for Kourtney on her birthday last month. While Shanna finds it strange to see her ex-husband bonding over the same things with Kourtney, she chooses to focus on her own life.

Shanna shared that she is super happy with her current boyfriend; they’re in a great place and that “the things that I create with him, I’m not recycling from my past relationship.”

And for more details about this story and how it all started, stay over here.  Also, let us know in the comments do you believe Kim & Travis did have an affair in the past or is this all just a rumor?'
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