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A new feature “About” is being introduced by Twitter

A new feature "About" is being introduced by Twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms, where people can express their ideas. The application has millions of users and is an interesting application for many users who like to inform others of their thoughts or any events. This shows that the technology giant has a great influence on people’s lives, so they are constantly striving to bring new features to users. However, profile checking applications which they are opening again, are not the only interesting event on the platform. The tech giant has created a new feature called “About” for its user profile page.

The new “About” tab contains profile updates where users can add their pronouns, translator status, hobbies, etc. It can be further subdivided into people who have points and links with other people, who can update other information on the “About” tab,  add some more details, or through podcasts, newsletters, or even saved storage space and audio content. Twitter wants its users to have more account information and improve their online connections. Giant believes that this feature will enable users to understand the objects they care about. This may be the best guide for people who will follow and interact with each other using the app in the future.

Another thing that users noticed and asked about on the “About” tab is that there is a section called “Account Verification” and what is its purpose. In the answer to it, the technology giant said that this new feature will enable users to check whether their account has been verified by the technology giant, which simply means that the user has verified their Twitter account through email or phone. You can also avoid being called a “robot” account. This is a common Twitter insult and is widely used in heated debates.

The technology giant said that this will help users build trust and legitimacy when the required verification marks are missing, and minimize the spread of misinformation in the application because this new feature can be used to clarify the source of information and help people know what information is reliable and what-misused information is in bot accounts. It is currently being tested and will be released in a few weeks.

A new feature "About" is being introduced by Twitter

credit: Digital Information World


The tech giant has come up with a new feature for the profile page of users and it is called the “About” tab. The tech giant believes that through this feature people can learn and understand more about who they follow and it can be a better guide for them on who to follow and interact with on the app in the future. The feature however is under testing conditions currently and will be launching in a few weeks.

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