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is selena gomez reinventing herself for new era


Is Selena Gomez REINVENTING Herself For New Era?

There have been A LOT of signs that Selena Gomez is getting ready to enter a new era and drop a new album, and while some are more obvious than others, we need to break all of these down. Let’s get into it!

Selena Gomez has been teasing SG3 in a BIG way recently and has us ready for her new era of music! And lucky us, Selenators, because new music might be coming sooner than we think! Here are some signs, clues, if you will, that Selena is ready to debut her new era! First, she started off by dying her hair blonde.

Fans know that artists often switch up their look with a new era, and Sel did just that. I mean, we all saw Billie Eilish nearly break the internet with her bombshell blonde ‘do!

In late April, Sel took to social media and showed off her new blonde look. But she didn’t stop there. After she mentioned possibly wanting to retire from music in a Vogue interview, Selena was hit up by Cardi B on Twitter, telling her to reconsider.

Cardi tweeted, saying, “I don’t think Selena should retire. She makes good music & her fans love her. I think she needs one more era. A edgy one that no one ever seen her as. I would love to give her some ideas.”

Cardi also shared being down to do another collaboration with Selena, and in a recent interview, Sel literally said she would also be down.

is selena gomez reinventing herself for new era..

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Another sign that new music is coming? I’ll let you be the judge. “I’ll get you guys some new music too. Please do that! Cardi tweeted and she as all yo you need to make some music Cardi’s like I need another Cardi x Selena collab. I’m down for that, I’m down.” She mentions both new music and being down for a Cardi collab in that interview snippet alone!

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And as if all that wasn’t enough, just days later, Selena took to her stories to share a photo of a bracelet containing beads with letters and numbers spelling out ‘SG3.’ And to make sure we knew this wasn’t just a coincidence, Sel also hashtagged #SG3 on her post.

Obviously, this post sent fans for a loop, and “SG3 is coming” immediately started trending on Twitter. Selenators started sharing their theories and wondered when this highly anticipated album would be released.

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Some think it could be October; others think Sel’s bracelet post means she’s dropping the lead single this summer, and this person did some math adding up the four red beads on her bracelets plus SG3 = 7. So maybe it could be coming in the seventh month AKA July?! That is some Taylor Swift sorcery right there!

And while we love all these theories, and Selena has definitely been dropping more hints as of late, we have to remember that she’s been teasing SG3 for a while now. Last summer, some fans spotted Easter eggs in the murals of her Ice Cream music video with BLACKPINK.

And others recalled her sharing photos from her home studio, and while yes, she’s put out new songs since she posted this pic … an entire album takes a while! BUT then again, she did release an entire Spanish album, Revelación, in March!

So while we wait with bated breath, we’re just going to join this fan in manifesting these incredible collaboration ideas with Taylor Swift, BTS, and Cardi B for SG3. It truly couldn’t get any better than that!

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We’ll keep you in the loop if we hear anything else about SG3. But for now, if you want more Selena Gomez news, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below when you think Sel’s new album is officially going to drop.'
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