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Is whatsapp going to face resistance against its new policy?

Is whatsapp going to face resistance against its new policy?

WhatsApp is re-promoting its strategy, which caused a strong response a few months ago, and an update pop-up window appeared in user accounts again. In January, users received a WhatsApp toast notification regarding the new update. The policy, including the fact that the tech giant will now share WhatsApp user data with its parent company Facebook, caused an uproar among people who believe their information (including the content of its message thread) will be passed to Zuck and Co. in the following ways. WhatsApp. Directly, many people turned to other forms of online messaging applications, such as Signal and Telegram, which climbed to the top of the charts this week.

However, this information is not completely correct and has been misunderstood by the public. However, at the time, Facebook was publishing a full-page newspaper advertisement, which detailed the latest developments in India’s major daily newspapers to ease tensions. And also said that they will postpone the decision for a while before considering it. The policy is back now, and many WhatsApp users have received another pop-up notification, but this time it is more detailed and simpler to explain to the public that the data transferred from WhatsApp to Facebook is fully interconnected.WhatsApp stated that users who do not accept the new policy will not be able to use the application.

According to some reports, WhatsApp also announced a new date for adopting WhatsApp’s guidelines in certain countries (such as Germany and Argentina). Users in these countries must accept the policy before June 19, or they will not be able to use the application. Although this new policy has not caused much controversy, it is true. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India (MEITY) has asked Facebook to withdraw its decision or is expected to ban the use of these two applications in India. Facebook has issued this policy for WhatsApp so that it can expand WhatsApp’s commercial products in the region. If Facebook can make WhatsApp a key application for Indian users in a variety of functions including e-commerce and other business operations, it will provide the company with huge growth opportunities in India’s fast-growing technology sector and will promote monetization. WhatsApp enters India directly. However, India is the largest market for WhatsApp users, with 459 million active users on the country’s platform. If the government bans its platform in India, it will be a huge loss for WhatsApp.

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Consider another plan or move to monetization, because the Indian government is forcing Facebook to reconsider this. This will be a headache for the US headquarters. In addition to the Indian region, German officials also condemned the new data protection directive. The German regulator’s goal is that the European Data Protection Commission bans its use throughout the EU. This may mean that the change should be abandoned in Europe, otherwise it will affect Facebook’s Development goes beyond the result of planned changes.

This update time and time again does not address the information carried in the private message stream and does not affect the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp, but users are worried, and with all these implementations implemented, users in many regions are switching to other forms of Internet messaging applications may be a blow to the technology giant. Ensure the privacy of users and ensure that they can share everything with friends and family without worrying about the attention of outside forces. Then, if you deviate from your promise, people will respond.

Is whatsapp going to face resistance against its new policy?

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While this new policy is not highly controversial it still has made people feel unsure about the application and hence in response to this India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has requested Facebook to take back their decision or they will be foreseeing a ban of both the applications from the Indian Region.'
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