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Twitter will be putting labels to accounts so the users understand what they are for


Twitter will be putting labels to accounts so the users understand what they are for

Twitter is one of the most popular social media accounts in the social media world. The company is taking some considerable steps and making major changes and updates to its applications for its users. The company recently announced that it will launch new features in the app. The tech giant plans to launch a new label for a specific type of accounts. Social media platforms have a large number of bots in their applications that will tweet or color your photos in black and white.

However, not all bots are harmful or useless to users, which is why the company wants to mark some of them in this category. Such marked robots are useful to users. The tech giant gave an example because these robots are tagged to help you find a vaccine or alert you to earthquake activity near you. However, for certain selected accounts, it is not yet known whether the owners of these robot accounts will be able to request this label, and the technology giant has not yet commented.

Think of people who have passed away. Obviously, Twitter is not limited to marking memorials and robot accounts. On Wednesday, at a press conference announcing the review, company spokespersons also slid past companies that wanted to work on labels with satire and humor. However, the company’s spokesperson Byrne said that the satire and humor accounts were tagged later than the two tags on the list. Compared to tagging bots and memorable accounts (which will be released in a few weeks), just think about it.

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According to the company, they are introducing such labels and logos so that people know who they are talking to and follow them online. When people understand the purpose of the account, they can promise, trust and make their own decisions.

Twitter will be putting labels to accounts so the users understand what they are for

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The labeled bots are expected to launch from this coming July on some selected accounts, however, whether or not owners of these bot accounts will be able to apply for this label is not known yet and the tech giant is yet to comment on the matter. So this means that the satire and humor accounts are in their extremely early stages and the company has only thought about it up until now, compared to the labeling of bots and memorialize accounts which will be launching within a few weeks.'
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