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jade thirlwall faked injury to hide bandmate pregnancies!


Jade Thirlwall FAKED Injury To Hide Bandmate Pregnancies!

Jade Thirlwall just revealed that she went as far as faking a back injury to help Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards keep their baby news a secret during the filming of a music video! Let’s get into it.

Even though Jade is the only Little Mix member not expecting a bundle of joy at the moment, she definitely proved that she’d got her girls’ backs — and their backaches…?

As you all know, Leigh-Anne announced that she’s expecting her first baby with her soccer star fiancé Andre Gray at the beginning of May. And less than a week later, Perrie went on to shock the world (in the best way ever) when she revealed that she and her soccer star boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were also expecting their first child together.

Many Mixers were confused because, at the time, the girls were also promoting their new music video for ‘Confetti’ featuring Saweetie, and their baby bumps were already supposed to be very noticeable.

So how exactly did Leigh-Anne and Perrie get away with no one noticing they were pregnant during the video filming? Well, apparently, they have Jade to thank for that because she definitely took one for the team.

In a recent TikTok Live interview, Perrie explained that she and Leigh-Anne were indeed already pregnant when they were shooting ‘Confetti’ and that they obviously didn’t want anyone else to find out at the time choreographers and crew members. However, they couldn’t help running out of breath in between takes.

jade thirlwall faked injury to hide little mix pregnancies!


So Jade had to improvise a little acting to help them out — Let’s let Perrie tell us the rest of the story: “We didn’t want anyone in the room to know so Jade was going ‘Oh, my back’ and she was joining in! Leigh-Anne was going ‘My back hurts’ and Jade would go, ‘Oh, my back, I know, my back is gone! Any excuse for me to sit out for five minutes! I was just like, ‘Yeah, me too!’”

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It also played to their advantage, as in ‘Confetti’, the girls got to wear a bunch of prosthetics to make them look like guys, which in turn helped them keep things under wraps (literally) for at least one day of filming.

During the same interview, the girls also debunked some of the theories about how Leigh-Anne and Perrie planned to get pregnant together and forgot to tell Jade in the group chat. They actually revealed how they all came to find out that two of their members just happened to be pregnant at the same time.

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Perrie shared that during a Zoom call with their team, she was secretly freaking out when they were laying out their plans for the next two years because she felt she was about to let everyone down.

Lucky for her, she reached out to Little Mix’s manager, Samantha Cox, who, before Perrie could even get the words out she had already guessed that she was pregnant. And when Perrie asked her how she knew, Sam revealed that she was also pregnant! So Sam set it up so that Perrie and Leigh-Anne could find out on their own.

Take a look: “So she added someone to the call and I just hear this voice come out and she goes ‘Perrie…? You too…?’ and then we just cried our eyes out like we couldn’t believe it.”

jade thirlwall faked injury


We can’t even imagine what that moment must have been like! We’re so happy for Leigh-Anne, Perrie, as well as their manager Sam and Jade; thank you for being a great auntie!

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And thank you to the girls for sharing this story of how they found out about each other’s pregnancies, as I’m sure I wasn’t alone in really wanting to know how this all played out!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we’re so excited to see Leigh-Anne & Perrie become mothers and to meet their bundles of joy when the time comes!

And for more news on Little Mix, stay over here. And let us know your thoughts on Jade helping the girls hide their pregnancies in the comment section below.'
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