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Kim Kardashian was SUED By Ex-Staff Over DUE Wages!


Kim Kardashian was SUED By Ex-Staff Over DUE Wages!

It’s a good thing Kim Kardashian is studying hard to become a lawyer because she’s being sued once again, but Kim says she’s not the one to blame here — Let’s get into it.

On Monday, a lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles by a group of gardeners and maintenance staff who accused Kim of a range of worker violations.

According to the legal documents obtained by T.M.Z., the seven former employees claim that they worked for Kim at her $60 Million Hidden Hills mansion, and they allege that she failed to pay wages properly, refused to pay for overtime, and wouldn’t allow them to take meal breaks.

kim kardashian was sued by ex staff over due wages!


The group of workers also claim that they were hired as full-time employees but that they were actually paid as independent contractors instead, which means that they didn’t get all the benefits that come with full-time employment.

But a rep for Kim informed T.M.Z. that she’s not the one at fault here because she hired a third-party vendor to oversee the maintenance services, so she wasn’t even aware of all the arrangements between the vendor and the workers.

In the court documents, the workers also claim that they didn’t receive any pay stubs or itemized wages, nor paid on a regular schedule. They added that there was no real system to keep track of their hours which is why they say they weren’t paid for all of their hours of service, including overtime.


To make matters worse, in the lawsuit, one employee also claims that he was fired on the spot after he approached Kim directly to ask her, among many other things, why 10% of their wages were being withheld as taxes but not properly reported to the government.

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And it just so happens that his 16-year-old son was also working with him at Kim’s mansion, and he allegedly put in more work hours than those allowed for a minor under California labor law. The former staffers also complain in their lawsuit that they weren’t even given meal breaks and that they weren’t reimbursed for their expenses.

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The workers are seeking damages and other penalties, but Kim’s rep also said that Kim has never gone without paying a vendor for their services and that she hopes that this particular vendor and the workers involved will come to an amicable resolution.  In fact, the rep added that Kim has never even missed paying a cell phone bill, so there’s no reason to believe that she wouldn’t pay these workers had she been directly involved.

kim kardashian was sued by ex staff over due wages


Well, as it turns out, the lawyer representing the former workers, Frank Kim, has also repped plaintiffs in lawsuits filed against Kanye West for similar complaints about working conditions. Former employees of Yeezy’s Sunday Service recently accused the rapper of failing to pay wages, including overtime, and refusing to allow meal or rest breaks.

This new lawsuit comes after Kim had boasted about how well she treats her staff on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which led to an argument with her sister Kourtney over how she talks to her nannies.

As you guys know, Kim has been studying hard for the bar exam, which she’s planning on taking next year, so she’s no stranger to the law… who knows? She might even end up representing herself in this case…  Now stay over here to find out why Kim’s new rumored romantic interest says she’ll make a great lawyer; then let me know down in the comments all your thoughts on this story.

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