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lindsay lohan makes acting comeback with netflix romcom


Lindsay Lohan’s thrilling Acting Netflix RomCom!

Lindsay Lohan fans couldn’t be more excited now that she is officially making her acting comeback in an upcoming Netflix film! — Let’s get into it.

First, Bennifer made headlines again, and now LiLo is about to star in a new movie… it’s definitely getting harder to believe that we haven’t all just accidentally traveled back in time…  But it’s all true!

On Monday, Netflix made the big announcement that Lindsay will be making her big return to acting starring in a Christmas-themed romantic comedy produced by the streaming giant.

And Lindsay will most likely tap into her early 2000s memories as she’ll be playing a “newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter.” But here’s the twist, her character gets total amnesia in a skiing accident — I mean, this plot has all the makings of a Lindsay Lohan classic.

lindsay lohan makes acting comeback with netflix romcom!


Think about it, in The Parent Trap; we see her character run into her twin sister years after being separated at birth; in Freaky Friday, she switches bodies with her mom, and in Mean Girls, she navigates high school after being home-schooled in Africa. Yep, this new Netflix rom-com with classic Overboard vibes has LiLo written all over it.

By the way, Lindsay’s most recent film to date is the horror-thriller Among the Shadows, which came out in 2019, but it was actually shot back in 2016… So that means it’s been 5 years since Lilo last set foot on a movie set, so far as we know anyway.

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And it just so happens that Lindsay might still be trying to fulfill one of her 2020 New Year’s resolutions after she revealed on a 2019 year-end show, hosted by Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, her desire to “come back to America and start filming again” and to “take back the life she worked so hard for”.

In the last few years, Lindsay has been living all over the globe, primarily in Europe and Dubai, as she dabbled in all sorts of different projects.

In 2018 she had a recurring role on the British TV comedy Sick Note. Then in 2019, she starred in her own MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which followed her around as she managed her very own nightclub in Mykonos, Greece.  I mean, who can ever forget this epic viral moment that show and Lindsay gave us… Never forget.

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And that same year, she was actually one of the judges on the Australian version of the hit reality singing competition The Masked Singer. So it seems like it’s a good time for Lindsay to touch base back home in America, and what better way to do it than going back to her acting roots.

lindsay lohan makes acting comeback with netflix


And LiLo fans surely agree as they took to Twitter to show the actress some love, and they even got her trending globally by posting things like “Our queen is back,” “O.M.G., I’m screaming,” and “Yes Queen, we will be streaming.”

But before we all get too excited, this new movie is set to kick off production in November of this year, which means that we probably won’t be able to stream it until next year’s holiday season.  Welp, good things are worth the wait, so we’re just gonna have to be patient…

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In the meantime, stay here to find out the latest news on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindling their romance. Also, let us know in the comments just how excited you guys are now that Lindsay Lohan will be acting in movies again!'
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