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why addison rae is anxious for her acting


Why Addison Rae Is ANXIOUS For Her Acting Debut?

In a new interview, Addison Rae just revealed why she’s nervous about her acting debut in ‘He’s All That’ and the intense preparation she did for the role. Let’s get into it!

Back in September, Addison Rae announced that she would be starring in the upcoming ‘She’s All That’ remake called ‘He’s All That’, saying that her acting “dreams are coming true!”

The movie will follow Addison’s character, who happens to be her high school’s resident social media influencer, as she attempts to turn a nerdy boy into the prom king. And the film was recently picked up by Netflix for an August 27th release date.

But with all the excitement surrounding the movie, Addison also shared with Variety that she’s nervous for ‘He’s All That’s to come out. While starring in a movie is certainly not typical for an acting debut, Addison insisted that she didn’t take the opportunity for granted.

Addison said, “I definitely made sure to take it seriously,” and she revealed the work she put into making sure she was ready for the part. Addison revealed that quote, “I was taking acting classes probably seven days a week before the film started and spending like hours and hours a day doing script analysis.”

And while it may seem out of the blue for Addison to be starring in a movie, she actually told Glamour U.K. that acting has always been a dream of hers, and she’s been studying the craft for years.

why addison rae is anxious for her acting debut


She said, “It’s been a dream of mine forever to be an actress. … The reaction is a little scary sometimes because people don’t really know what I did or aspired to do before I started social media. People base anything I do off, ‘Oh, she started on social media,’ but without knowing my background or knowing I’ve always been in acting classes.”

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And in another recent interview, Addison told Bustle that she even had friends and family call her Padget, her character’s name when she wasn’t on set to help her stay in character. Now that’s dedication!

But even with all the prep and hard work, Addison said that she is still worried about how people will react to her as an actress. She told Variety that, “I’m a little nervous but I did my very best and that’s all I can do.”

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And she and her co-stars agree that people who are fans of the original movie will love their remake, and fans who have never seen She’s All That will love their film as well. Addison said that “It’s definitely modernized in the best way.”

And since this interview came out, Addison has received mixed reviews from fans; some are saying that someone with more professional acting experience should’ve gotten this opportunity.

While others defended Addison, saying things like “people so mean, but like she’s allowed to expand from tiktok for example most actors do music why can’t she do other stuff.” And as the release date approaches, we’re pretty sure fans will continue to share their thoughts.

We look forward to the film’s release this August, and no doubt we will be sharing more on this film and Addison’s acting debut once people have seen the movie. I know we’ll be watching! For more on Addison Rae, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below if you’ll be watching ‘He’s All That’ when it’s released on Netflix.

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