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lil nas x details ripping his pants during live s.n.l. performance!


Why Lil Nas X Ripped His Pants During Live S.N.L. Performance?

In case you missed it, Lil Nas X had a major wardrobe malfunction during S.N.L. over the weekend, and he just revealed what really happened and the other mishaps he faced leading up to this major performance. Let’s get into it!

Lil Nas X performed at the S.N.L. season finale this past weekend, and his performances were incredible. But if you were watching, you definitely caught this moment when he dropped down on the pole and ripped his pants. His reaction was honestly priceless. And while the Internet couldn’t stop buzzing about this moment and Lil Nas even posted a TikTok laughing at himself.

He decided to run us through exactly what happened and what was going through his head when his pants split during S.N.L. on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show. “I was pretty much you know, doing down the pole you know doing my little sexy drop down, and boom I feel air I was like there’s definitely a breeze going on.”

And while Nas covered up quickly, he continued on and revealed how nervous he was that he had already been exposed because S.N.L. really is live. “And I also felt like some popping still happening when I was down there. So I was like oh gosh I hope it’s not, please don’t be on T.V. already, you know?”

And while the moment when the pants ripped was stressful, Lil Nas X told Jimmy Fallon what the worst part of the mishap was. “At the end the dancers were supposed to touch me and tug on me and they were tugging on the pants and I was like please stop no.” He explained that he even needed a towel to walk off stage so the audience in the studio wouldn’t see anything. Dang, those pants really were busted!

lil nas x details ripping his pants during live s.n.l. performance


Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon got his hands on a taping of Lil Nas X performing during dress rehearsal so we could see what the performance was supposed to look like if the pants hadn’t torn. Now that’s impressive! Too bad he didn’t get to do that live.

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But Nas said it was honestly perfect timing for his pants to rip because if it had happened at any other point during the performance, it could have ruined the whole thing, not just the end. Speaking of which, the pants split wasn’t the only hitch Lil Nas X faced while at S.N.L.

He told Jimmy how nervous he was to perform because he hadn’t performed live in so long due to the pandemic. But while he and his dancers were practicing the routine for the two weeks before the show, one of his dancers came down with COVID-19.

The dancers and choreographers immediately had to go into quarantine, and Lil Nas X revealed that they had to scramble to… “We had to get a whole group of new dancers to learn the routine in 24 hours so shout out to them did a great job learning it.” Yes! They really did an incredible job; shout out to those dancers and to Lil Nas X for pulling through during a major wardrobe mishap.

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And fans took to the comments of this interview to share their reactions like this person who wrote quote, “OmG, when I watched it – I totally didn’t realize anything even happened – He covered it up so well! 🙂 Those skills need to be in a Movie!!! :D”

We look forward to Lil Nas X’s next performance, mishaps and all! For now, if you want more on Lil Nas X, stick around for more thrilling news. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of his reaction to the wardrobe malfunction. Do you think he covered it up well?

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