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Halsey Secretly Got MARRIED After Flashing Matching Rings?!

halsey secretly married after flashing matching

The rumor mill is buzzing after Halsey was spotted out and about with her baby-daddy Alev Aydin wearing a very important ring on a very important finger… Did these two secretly tie the knot ahead of their due date? Let’s break it down.

Halsey is set to embark on her greatest adventure yet as she and Alev Aydin are set to welcome their baby this summer.

But the excitement doubled on Monday when the two were photographed out together in Los Angeles as Alev wrapped his arm around Halsey while flaunting what appeared to be wedding rings on their left fingers.

Many were quick to assume that the two had secretly gotten married at some point over the last few months, especially after Alev shared a black-and-white photo of himself just a day prior, once again showing off the same band on his finger. Not to mention, Alev also posed in front of an outdoor dining reception, which didn’t help his case as many began congratulating him and Halsey on their rumored marriage.

halsey secretly married after flashing


Popular gossip Instagram account Deux Moi also shared submissions from one user who wrote in to allegedly confirm the rumors, saying, “Halsey married her boyfriend Alev last year. He posted a pic of her in a white dress previously. Yesterday he posted himself in the same location with tables set up behind him in what appears to be a wedding reception.”

Although there is still no truth to this rumor, the photo Alev previously posted of Halsey wearing a white mini dress and enjoying a picnic does look like the exact same location he shared his latest photo at… just some food for thought…

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It could very well be the case as Halsey admitted to fans back in March that her pregnancy was “100% planned.”  In her Instagram story at the time, she also explained that after suffering a miscarriage a few years back, “I tried very hard for this baby, but I would be just as happy even if it were another way.”

However, she also hit back at critics who couldn’t help but comment on the timing of her pregnancy, asking in the same post, “Why is it ok to speculate and pass judgment about fertility and conception?”

Even MORE food for thought, especially because both Halsey and Alev are truly over the moon excited to welcome their newest addition to the family, and that’s all that really matters in the grand scheme of things!

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And if you’re looking to get to know more about Alev, stay here for a full recap of our investigation. Then hop to the comments to let me know all your thoughts about this story. Do you think these two secretly got hitched? Let me know!

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