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Let’s find out Olivia Rodrigo’s NEXT Album Title REVEALED!

let’s find out olivia rodrigo's next album title revealed!

We’re still deep into celebrating Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour reaching No.1 on the charts, but fans are now convinced they’ve already discovered the name of her next album, and not gonna lie, I’m pretty convinced… Let’s get into it.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been listening to Sour nonstop for the past week, reliving teenage heartbreak and just how literally ‘BRUTAL’ it is growing up and finding your way.

But while we truly can’t get enough of the dramatic vibes and heartbreaking lyrics in the majority of these Sour songs, fans on TikTok are now convinced that Olivia’s next album is where all the love songs have been hiding.

According to some TikTok videos, many are convinced they know the name of Olivia’s next album, all because of her brand partnership with Sour Patch Kids… and by now, I think we ALL know how the infamous Sour Patch saying goes: “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet.” Get where we’re going with this?

One TikTok user shared the popular theory that Olivia’s next album will be titled Sweet, not only based on the Sour Patch Kids slogan, but also after unveiling a list of unreleased songs from Genius that contain much more romantic titles compared to her Sour tracklist, like “I’m Yours,” “Apocalyptic Crush” and “Love.”



Another fan took this theory even further on TikTok, nothing that just like Olivia’s idol Taylor Swift, she’ll be dropping not one, but TWO surprise albums still relating to the Sour Patch Kids slogan at the end of the commercials…  “Album number three: Gone. Sour, sweet, gone. Sour Patch Kids.”

At this point, I wouldn’t put it past Olivia, especially after she and the queen of Easter eggs herself, T-Swift, have become much more acquainted over the past few weeks. This got tons of TikTok users thinking about just how perfect Olivia’s upcoming tour would be based on her first two albums alone, AKA the ‘Sweet and Sour Tour.’

Honestly, this is getting me so excited just thinking about it! This theory about Olivia’s next album already has been a major topic of discussion on TikTok, then made its way to Twitter, where fans continued to fuel speculation.

One user tweeted, “Olivia Rodrigo is absolutely releasing a second album soon.

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1) Sour is short. Really short.

2) The vast majority of songs are “sour” themed; they’re about heartbreak, angst, pain, etc. (sour). None are about happiness, joy, love (sweet).” Another fan wrote, “If Olivia Rodrigo really pulls a Taylor Swift and drops an album called Sweet after releasing Sour… I won’t cope.” Seriously, same.

And with the global success of Olivia’s debut album, including the fact that she managed to sweep ALL TEN spots on the U.S. Spotify charts this week, she doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon! And we are so excited to be joining her on this Sour tasting, sweet ride!

For more on Olivia’s and how she just made music history, stick around for more thrilling news. Then be sure to let us know all your thoughts on these fan theories surrounding Olivia’s second album title down here in the comments.

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