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Which Celebrity Replaced ‘The Ellen Show’ TV Slot?

which celebrity replaced 'the ellen show' tv slot

Now that Ellen Degeneres recently announced that she’d be stepping down from her talk show, Kelly Clarkson is set to take over Ellen’s daytime TV slot — Let’s get into it.

Earlier this month, Ellen revealed that the upcoming 19th season of her talk show would be her last.

Ellen told The Hollywood Reporter that as a creative person, she constantly needs to be challenged, and though she’s had a lot of fun hosting the show, it just stopped being challenging for her.

And on Wednesday, TV Network NBC announced that Kelly Clarkson would be replacing Ellen in the coveted 1-hour spot of daytime television. But before you guys reach for the remote, The Kelly Clarkson Show, which is currently on its second season, will debut in its new time slot in Fall 2022.

After Ellen’s big announcement, Kelly was considered the frontrunner to take over her spot, but since Kelly’s show’s ratings took a big hit during the pandemic, other names were being tossed around like Tiffany Haddish and Drew Barrymore.

However, the dips in ratings were being reported all across the board for daytime TV shows due to the ongoing circumstances, but Kelly’s show still went on to be renewed for two more seasons in December 2020, and now she’s been given a chance to become NBC’s flagship daytime talk show. Between her own talk show and a recurring spot on The Voice as a judge, Kelly has definitely become a well-known NBC personality in the last few years.

And guess what, Kelly may have even manifested taking over Ellen’s time slot into existence in a promo for her show a year ago; take a look: “Kelly, what are you doing? Well, isn’t this great? I’m excited, my new show… Whaaat! Look at this place. You love it. I love it. It’s my set, that’s why.” And Kelly’s fans couldn’t be more excited about the good news taking to Twitter to congratulate her.

which celebrity replaced


A user said: “I’m so glad. Kelly is amazing…her personality & her energy is just the greatest.  She gives off the best vibes.”

David Dobrik's SINISTER Ways OUT By Former Friends!

Another person chimed in saying: “This was all I wanted and the universe delivered” And finally, this Kelly fan didn’t hold back, tweeting: “Kelly is so sweet imagine when Katy visits her and she isn’t bombarded with weirds questions and games like Ellen.”

This last tweet throws shade at Ellen because many viewers believe that the real reason why she’s leaving her show is because of all the accusations brought against her relating to a toxic work environment. Last year even some of Ellen’s guests accused her of bullying, being standoffish, and making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

These accusations were not taken lightly, as there were intense investigations that took place within her production company, and Ellen also took time to issue multiple apologies, admitting that it’s on her to do better for her entire staff.

After filming strictly from the comfort of her home all last year, Ellen and her crew went back to filming in the studio in January of this year, but the damage appeared to have already been done, and ratings severely plummeted.

Well, we can’t wait to see what kind of fresh new energy and cool surprises Kelly has in store for all of us with this major move, and we’ll be sure to tune in when she makes her big debut… In the meantime, stay over here for 9 times Ellen made her guests feel uncomfortable on her show, And let us know in the comments how you feel about Kelly taking over Ellen’s spot.'
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