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harry styles removed tatoos for an upcoming movie role


Harry Styles REMOVED TATOOS For an Upcoming Movie Role!

Do you guys ever wonder what Harry Styles would look like today with zero ink on his body? Well, now that he’s busy filming a movie that takes place in the 1950s, we got to catch a glimpse of Haz with no tats — Let’s get into it.

Nowadays, trying to imagine Harry Styles without his 60+ tattoos all over his body is like trying to picture a zebra with no stripes or a cheetah with no spots — they’re just part of his wild nature that we love… But for his latest starring role in the film My Policeman, Harry had to spend hours sitting in the makeup chair as they covered every last one of his tats.

As we mentioned before, the period piece is set in the 1950s, and in it, Harry plays a closeted gay policeman who’s married to a woman due to society’s expectations. The movie takes place in Brighton, a town on the southern coast of England, and it’s currently being filmed on location, including some scenes at the local beach.

Pictures of Harry at the beach in short shorts and a sweater vest — yes, a sweater vest — over a short-sleeved shirt have been making the rounds of social media these past few days. But what caught everyone’s attention more than Harry’s ultimate dad beachwear itself was the absence of ink on his arms and legs!

Yup, there were no signs of his beating heart, a bottle of booze, a skeleton in a suit, pirate ship or holy bible on his left arm — wow, he’s really running out of real estate on that limb — nor the big bald eagle on his right arm.

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And of course, his collection of body art from the waist down was also fully concealed, so the tiger on his left thigh wasn’t visible, and neither was the phrase “Never Gonna Dance Again” on his feet. Harry’s fans quickly reacted to seeing their idol sans ink, and their opinions were pretty unanimous, tweeting things like: “harry styles without any tattoos scares me, sorry.”

And “I’m sorry, but Harry Styles without tattoos is not Harry Styles to me with Kindness :)” And this Harry fan also jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting: “harry styles without his tattoos feels wrong.”

harry styles removed tatoos for an upcoming movie role!


Also, let’s not forget that not too long ago, the media outlet The Sun revealed that there are going to be three nude scenes in this film, so I guess we won’t be seeing any of Harry’s signature tats in those either…

An insider for the publication said: ‘Harry will be having sex on screen and they want it to look as real as possible. The plan is to shoot two romps between Harry and David [Dawson], then another scene where Harry is naked on his own.’

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Well, one thing’s for sure, Harry definitely looks like a whole different person without all of his tattoos, and though it’ll take a little getting used to, we can’t wait to see him back on the big screen… stay here to check out never-before-seen pictures of Harry and the rest of the guys from One Direction. Also, let us know in the comments what you think of Harry’s look sans tats.

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