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taylor swift fans pissed at olivia rodrigo over kim k. press kits!


Taylor Swift Fans Call out Olivia Rodrigo Over Kim K. Press Kits!

The Swifties aren’t thrilled with Olivia Rodrigo after she sent a PR package to Kim Kardashian, despite Taylor and Kim’s longtime feud. But it seems like Olivia didn’t ask to be part of that narrative. Let’s get into what people are saying.

As fans know, Olivia Rodrigo has been a huge Taylor Swift fan, well, since she was this young. And ever since Olivia broke onto the music scene, she and Tay have been tight. It started with some social media interactions… But then they met in person at the BRITs, and Olivia even sampled Taylor’s song News Years Day on her album, which gave Taylor a co-writer credit.

taylor swift fans


So the Swifties and the… Livies? I think that’s what we call Olivia’s fans; they have been very in line so far. That is until either Olivia or Olivia’s team sent a PR package over to Kim Kardashian. Longtime Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian fans know that these two have been feuding for years in tandem with Taylor and Kim’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Kanye West’s feud.

Now I’m not gonna get into all the Kim, Taylor, and Kanye drama right now because that’s a full history lesson, but in case you need to catch up, you can read our article.

So anyway, Olivia, who’s been a loyal Taylor Swift supporter and even collaborator, raised eyebrows when Kim posted a video on her Instagram Stories showing off some gifts from Olivia. “How cute is Olivia Rodrigo you guys? I can’t wait for her album, you guys know I love ‘drivers license.’” And along with the gifts, Olivia wrote a note to Kim saying, “Thank you so much for supporting my music.”

taylor swift fans pissed at olivia rodrigo over kim k.


She continued on writing, “It means the absolute world. I just adore you and I wanted to give you a few goodies to celebrate the release of my 1st album Sour. Sending you and your fam so much love.” And some Taylor Swift fans were upset that Olivia’s loyalty to Taylor seemed like it could be wavering with this gift and note to Kim.

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So they took it upon themselves to flood Olivia’s Instagram comments with snake emojis, the unofficial symbol of Taylor and Kim’s feud. Others wrote things like “why would you give Kim PR” and “my respect for you is down.”

But not all Swifties took this stance. Like a person who wrote, many others came to Olivia’s defense, “Olivia Rodrigo can act and promote her work and her art however she wants. That 18 yo girl is charting higher than all of your faves with her talent and hard work. Yes we swifties r a big support but NO we r not the REASON of her success. WE LOVE YOU OLIVIA.” Another fan agreed, saying, “why are ppl mad olivia sent something to kim girly is just trying to promote her album leave her alone.”

And some people, like this fan, even turned this back onto the Swifties, saying, “Swifties obviously did not make Olivia famous nor Kanye did Taylor. It’s their music who made them famous. Taylor had to fight this kind of situation back then. So don’t repeat it with a new generation artist who is clearly a talented person.” Say it louder for the people in the back!

Like another fan said, Olivia is just trying to promote her incredible debut album so let’s keep her out of decade-old feuds that she has no part in. We’re just gonna be spending our time enjoying Sour and leaving the drama at the door.

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If you want more on Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift, stick around for more thrilling news. Then hop to the comments and let me know all your thoughts on this situation and how do you feel about Olivia being dragged into the drama?

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