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Whatsapp modified app contains harmful trojan viruses


Whatsapp modified app contains harmful trojan viruses

Over time, the use of mobile phones and the Internet has increased, although this increase in use has brought many positive changes, it also has some disadvantages. Over the years, consumers have become more aware of the various types of hacking techniques, forcing hackers to create new and more harmful techniques.

An example of this is the recently modified WhatsApp app (called FMWhatsApp / FMWhasapp), which contains malicious code embedded in it. The mod has recently started to gain popularity among users because it makes the standard WhatsApp application more interesting and adds additional features to it that many users quickly downloaded, and because it works.

It works great, so they think it’s safe, but what they don’t know is that this mod contains and distributes a portable version of the Trojan virus, as reported by the Kaspersky team. Once installed, the mod releases its Trojan virus onto the phone, then the Trojan downloads other similar viruses while simultaneously launching unwanted ads, issuing subscriptions, and tracking messages, it collects the parts of the device, and then continues to damage it in various ways.

The fact that the Trojan in this mod file downloads other Trojans without the user knowing about it is surely dangerous, these Trojans together can completely harm the device without the user knowing it. Researchers that found the virus attached to this mod said that the most effective way to keep your device safe from such harmful viruses is to not use modifications and features that are not officially released by the platform owners since a large percentage of these mods usually have viruses in them.

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Thus users keep away from unnecessary mods and stick to using apps from the official app store. Another precaution that users should take before using mods is carefully checking the terms and conditions of every mod they download.

Whatsapp modified app contains harmful trojan viruses


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