5G Advisory Committee to Look into Recommendations by Telco’s


The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has received suggestions from mobile phone operators on their strategic plan for 5G and has forwarded these suggestions to the advisory committee on 5G.

The high-power advisory committee will look into these proposals and propose incentives for the release of 5G spectrum. A possible date to include this in the 2022-23 finance bill is expected to be included later.

The Ministry of Information and Technology shared its strategic plan for 5G with the three major telecom operators in the first week of January. The Advisory Committee on 5G was formed by the former government in the last week of January, and after reviewing the strategic plan, it submitted its feedback to the new government’s Ministry.

The telecom sector’s sources in the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications say that the reduction of withholding tax from 15 to 10 percent, announced in the last budget, was later on reduced to 15 percent by a mini-budget.

The Finance Minister will work on review and approving the 5G Strategic Plan with help from the advisory committee. The committee will do reviews of telecom reforms and incentives so they are finalized in the upcoming Finance bill.

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