Ali Zafar deliberately touched me several times, Meesha Shafi’s judicial statement

 Singer Meesha Shafi recorded the statement in response to Ali Zafar’s defamation claim in court, saying that the singer Ali Zafar touched me several times and even sexually harassed me. 

In Lahore Sessions Court, a claim was filed against singer Meesha Shafi in dishonor of singer Ali Zafar. Meisha Shafi recorded the statement in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Amjad Ali Shah for more than three hours. In her statement, Meesha Shafi said that fellow singer Ali Zafar was sexually harassing several times and repeatedly morally molested.

Singer Meesha Shafi added that I had to perform with Ali Zafar for a long time but was disturbed by the motions and in the case of extreme compulsion I had to deal with sexual harassment as the fellow singer’s behavior was becoming beyond my reach. ۔

Meesha Shafi also revealed that for the first time Ali Zafar had harassed her father-in-law’s house, which I also informed her husband but at that time I stopped my husband from talking to Ali Zafar because My husband is a professional boxer and I didn’t want to fight.

The singer added in his statement that Ali Zafar’s family was having a good relationship which did not convey to Ali Zafar’s wife, as well as his decision not to work further with Ali Zafar to her husband and manager. Was informed separately.

Singer Meesha Shafi also showed various Whatsapp messages of Ali Zafar as evidence in court. After recording the statement, the session judge adjourned the matter until December 20. 

At the next hearing, statements of witnesses will be recorded. Ali Zafar has filed a defamation claim of Rs 100 crore against singer Meesha Shafi on allegations of sexual harassment.

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