apple to pull the plug on ipod after 20 years

Apple to Pull the Plug on IPOD After 20 Years

Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) will discontinue the iPod roughly twenty years after the gadget emerged as the face of portable music and sparked its meteoric development to the world’s most significant company.

The iPod Touch, the currently only model of the iPod that is still being sold, will be available for as long as supplies last, Apple announced in a blog post on Tuesday.

The iPod initially had to face a strong challenge from competing music players before being replaced by smartphones, online music and the iPhone, in the Apple product pantheon.

The iPod has undergone numerous iterations since its introduction, including a scroll wheel, the capacity to store 1,000 songs, and a 10-hour battery. The latest incarnation, the iPod Touch, was first rolled out in 2007, the same year as the iPhone.