best digital menu board sizes for your retail store

Best Digital Menu Board Sizes For Your Retail Store

With a menu screen that makes you stand out in a crowded market, you can bring your company into the digital era. With digital menu screens, you can use interesting and educational content. You can be creative, upsell the items, and entice your clients to participate in an interactive experience with you. You can add animation, pictures, deals, and seasonality to transform your menus into a powerful selling tool.

All sizes of businesses are served by Together, they and you will search for a business digital menu board that is ideal for the available space. In addition, James Hogg Display’s personalized service will guarantee you have the digital signage solution you require, whether for indoor or outdoor use, slimline or supersized.

A member of their staff will be available for a free consultation and will be able to provide professional advice on how to locate a digital menu screen that precisely suits your needs, space, and budget.


●     CMS system

You may easily notify your guests about the specials, prices, and seasonal menu items with commercial digital menu boards whenever you need to. The CMS system that James Hogg Display utilizes is simple, making it quick and simple to update your digital menu screen with the most recent information your clients need to know.

●     Custom Content Creation

With their assistance, you can create high-quality content for your commercial digital menu boards that says everything you want it to say and more. This content will be delivered to your screen quickly and optimized for your audience. In addition, they collaborate with a creative partner that can create flawlessly functional and aesthetically pleasing digital menu screens.

●     Service for life

The service from James Hogg Display doesn’t end once their highly trained specialists have finished installing your digital menu screen. In addition, they routinely provide free telephone support to every customer to help you get the most out of your digital menu board.

Menu sizes

  • Restaurants on terraces or sidewalks can use the 22″ (A3) wall-mounted digital menu board. The ideal digital menu board for your restaurant is this one, which is vandal-proof, waterproof, and sunlight readable. In addition, a wall mount bracket is provided for portrait or landscape orientation installations.
digital menu board sizes

With its 2500cd/m2 high brightness screen—6 times brighter than your TV—and anti-glare glass, this distinctive digital menu board allows guests to read your menu even in strong sunshine easily. Using the screen’s straightforward plug-and-play functionality, Who can modify your menu.

  • The 32″ narrow bezel display is the first in their affordable Plug and Play Digital Menu Boards line. These professional-grade menu board displays have a built-in HD media player that allows you to play content directly from a USB device.

You can play your photos and videos on the screen indefinitely by loading them onto a USB memory stick and inserting it into the digital menu board.

Giving your customers a unique user experience is also possible with the complimentary landscape wall to mount included with your purchase.

  • A 49″ digital menu that is extremely vibrant, eye-catching, and bright (3500 cd/m2) is ideal for your restaurant window. Promotions and offers sure to catch their attention tempt onlookers with this unique digital menu solution.

You may create the ideal window display solution that will draw attention by combining any digital window menu boards with one of their premium ceiling suspension, bolt-down or free-standing floor display kits.

  • Their most recent and affordable digital menu board is cloud-based and network-enabled, making it simple to connect the 50″ menu board to your network and update all of your material remotely from any place and any internet-capable device.

There is no need to install any additional software or use a second PC. Instead, visit their signage portal at to log in, select from various themes, or design your own. You may upload your content, manage your playlists, and plan it for any number of screens and places.

Additionally, including a free one-year software license subscription with your purchase can provide your clients with a truly exceptional user experience.

  • The network-enabled 55″ menu board allows you to update all of your material remotely from any location or internet-capable device.

No other PC or specialized software installation is necessary. Log in to their signage portal at to access a variety of templates or to build your own. Then, upload your material, manage your playlists, and schedule it for any number of displays in any number of places.

Additionally, you can provide your clients with a genuinely distinctive user experience by including a complimentary one-year subscription to software licenses with your purchase.

The screen dimensions are 1232 mm wide, 709 mm high, and 61 mm deep (without a wall mount bracket).

Additional perks

  • The boards are covered by a standard 3-year warranty that Who can upgrade to a 5-year warranty for an additional fee.
  • A subscription license for any network-graded hardware would be the other fees required, in addition to delivery and VAT. In addition, there are subscriptions for lifetime licenses that require a one-time payment.
  • Depending on the project’s scope, they can complete a full installation or just a portion.
  • The full configuration is available when the screens are in use, preventing power consumption when no one is viewing the menu board.


New technology also brings useful new data. For example, you may learn much about your customers from your commercial digital menu board, including which customers have looked at your menu and how frequently. With the use of this expertise, you’ll be able to move forward with marketing and strategy that is knowledge-based. For example, the number and size of displays you require, the type of material that motivates your audience to take action, the best way to manage and deliver your content, and whether there is potential for additional money from selling advertising space may all be understood to some extent.

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