Facebook Keeps Making Refresh Noise on iPhone? Here’s the Fix!

Fix the annoying refresh sound on your iPhone's Facebook app with our quick and easy guide.

Hearing an unexpected noise when you’re scrolling on Facebook on your iPhone can be a bit annoying, right? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some simple steps to help you get rid of that sound. This guide is all about making your Facebook time quieter and more fun.

How to Fix Facebook Keeps Making Refresh Noise?

Here’s how to tackle this issue with a couple of straightforward options.

Method 1: Using In-app Settings

This method is direct and works for those who can access their profile easily.

  • Just tap on the picture of your profile. You’ll find it at the bottom right corner of your Facebook app. Tapping it brings up a list of options.
  • In this list, choose “Settings & Privacy.” Then, click on “Settings.” Keep scrolling until you see “Media” under the section titled Preferences. Facebook lets you change how it deals with media here.
  • In the Media settings, there’s an option labeled “In-app sound.” Simply turn it off.

This should stop the refresh sound you hear while scrolling, making your browsing experience more pleasant.

Method 2: For Different Menu Layouts

Not everyone’s Facebook app layout is the same. If you don’t see your profile pic or the usual menu option in the bottom right, here’s another way to go about it.

  1. Look for the “Edit Profile” button near your profile. Next to it, you’ll see three dots Tap on these dots to access a different set of options.
  2. Choose “Profile settings” from the new menu. Then, make your way to the “Privacy Center.” It’s a bit of a walk but stick with it until you get to the end of this area.
  3. Here, you’ll find an option for Facebook; click on it. Then, tap on your Facebook account. This brings you to a place where you can adjust various account settings.
  4. Look for the “Media” option, then “in-app” settings within this section. Here lies the switch to turn off in-app sounds.

If you’ve tried both methods and the sound persists, consider checking for app updates or reinstalling Facebook, as these steps can also help resolve lingering issues.

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