How to fix base Pals not eating and getting sick in Palworld

Discover how to address your Pal's refusal to eat and prevent illness in Palworld, ensuring their health and happiness.

In Palworld, keeping your base Pals happy and healthy is key. But what if they stop eating and start getting sick? This guide will tell you why and how to fix it. We’ll cover everything from moving stuck Pals to handling bugs and improving their mood.

Why Pals Stop Eating and Getting Sick in Palworld?

Your Pal might not eat and get sick in Palworld for a few reasons:

  • Something at your base is blocking them.
  • A bug could stop them from eating.
  • Their Sanity (SAN) is low, causing Depression and starvation.
  • The Feed Box is too far away.

These are common issues in Palworld. Now, we’ll show how to solve these problems.

How to fix base Pals not eating and getting sick in Palworld

Follow the below steps to fix Pals not eating and getting sick in Palworld:

1. Try to Move Stuck Pals

If your Pal gets trapped by objects at your base, manually move it to the Feed Box. Pals might not find their way to food if they’re stuck. Simply pick them up and place them near the Feed Box. This action often encourages them to start eating.

2. Fix Technical Glitches

Palworld is an early-access game, so bugs are expected. These glitches might prevent your Pals from eating. To fix this, leave your current World and rejoin, or restart the game entirely. This reset often resolves the issue, making your Pals head to the Feed Box again.

3. Treatment with Medical Supplies

Ignoring Pals can lead to low Sanity (SAN), causing Depression. Depressed Pals often refuse to eat. To solve this, construct a Medieval Medicine Workbench and craft High-Grade Medical Supplies. Administering this medicine to your Pal can heal their Depression, restoring their willingness to eat and their overall health.

This wraps up how to ensure your Pals eat in Palworld and avoid getting sick. Don’t forget to check out Palworld Pals Not Working and Palworld Small Feed Bag Not Working for more insights. Also, visit our gaming section for additional tips and information.

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