Palworld Pals Not Working When Away From Base: How to Fix

In Palworld, players have encountered a frustrating issue where their in-game creatures, known as Pals, cease to function effectively when the player is away from their base. This problem, particularly problematic for mining bases, leads to decreased productivity and a less automated gaming experience. Fortunately, there are solutions to address this issue and ensure your Pals work smoothly even when you’re not around.

Understanding the “Palworld Pals Not Working When Away From Base” Problem

Palworld players have reported that their Pals often get stuck or fail to function correctly when the player is not present at the base. This issue is a significant hindrance to those who expected a more streamlined and automated experience in managing their bases.

How to Fix Palworld Pals Not Working When Away From Base

To resolve the problem of Pals not working when you’re away from your Palworld base, follow these strategies:

1. Ensure Pals are in a Box

Before leaving your base, make sure to place all your Pals inside a secure box. This ensures that they are contained and ready to work when you return. It prevents them from wandering aimlessly and getting stuck.

2. Restart the Server

If you’re playing on a server, consider restarting it after securing your Pals in a box. Server restarts can sometimes resolve issues related to Pals’ behaviour.

3. Check Work Station Placement

Ensure that your workstations are placed on flat terrain. Uneven terrain can cause AI navigation problems for your Pals. Providing a suitable environment for them to work in is crucial.

4. Space Out Your Base

Create a well-organized and spacious base layout with clear pathways. This prevents Pals from getting stuck on each other or obstacles within the base. Proper spacing facilitates their movement and tasks.

5. Limit Giant Pals

While giant Pals can be impressive, they can also obstruct paths and face challenges accessing resources. Consider limiting their use to prevent complications.

6. Provide Beds for Pals

Assign a bed for each Pal that is actively working. Beds help keep Pals happy and prevent them from becoming upset, ensuring their continued productivity.

7. Use Hot Tubs to Improve SAN

Installing hot tubs can help improve the Sanity (SAN) of your Pals. Happy and relaxed Pals tend to work more efficiently, even when you’re not present.

8. Manual Intervention for Low SAN Pals

Keep an eye on Pals with low SAN levels. If they don’t enter the hot tubs on their own, manually pick them up and place them in the hot tubs to restore their SAN.

9. Consider Additional Pals

Introducing more Pals to your workforce can help distribute the workload and prevent burnout. Having additional Pals ensures that tasks continue smoothly, even in your absence.

10. Manage Pals’ Health

Regularly monitor the health of your Pals. If any of them become sick, provide the appropriate medicine promptly to ensure they remain in good working condition.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance the functionality of your Pals in Palworld and maintain an efficient and automated base, even when you’re not actively playing. These steps will help you overcome the challenges associated with Pals not working effectively when away from the base, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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