How to Use Emote in Helldivers 2

Get the scoop on Helldivers 2 emotes! From unlocking new gestures to changing them, enhance your gameplay with our tips.

Show the enemy teams in Helldivers 2 you’re not scared by using an emote! It’s a simple and fun way to talk without words in the game.

Here’s all you need to learn about emoting in Helldivers 2.

How to Get Emote in Helldivers 2

To get new emotes in Helldivers 2, head over to the Super Destroyer ship. There, you’ll find an option called Acquisitions (look for the button prompt at the top of your screen) and click on it. Inside, you’ll see something called the Warbond battle passes. Right now, you can unlock five different emotes using Warbond Medals in the battle pass.

The good news is these emotes are in the free part of the battle pass, so you just need the regular Warbond Medals to get them. But, you’ll need quite a few Medals to unlock an emote – 48 Medals for the first one, to be exact.

Keep an eye out because it’s very likely that more emotes will be added to Helldivers 2 in the future, either through the battle pass or in the Superstore.

How to use emote in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, you can use emotes to show off or say hello without using words. It’s easy to do with just a button press. If you’re playing on a PS5, just press and hold the left button on the d-pad to start emoting. You’ll stay in that pose and can even turn around without moving from your spot.

To stop, just walk in any direction. For those on a PC, hitting the B key on your keyboard will let you emote. You can do this fun move on the Super Destroyer ship or any planet while you’re on a mission.

Want to show you’re the boss and share your love for America in Helldivers 2? Make sure to emote when you’re near the Terminid and Automaton enemy teams.

You can start using emotes from the very beginning of the game. When you first start, you’ll be at Cadet status, which lets you do a general salute. This is a cool way to introduce yourself as a Helldiver to friends or foes.

How to change emotes in Helldivers 2

how to change emotes in helldivers 2

After you unlock a new emote in Helldivers 2, go to the Armory on the Super Destroyer ship.

In the Armory, look for the category tabs and click on the Character section.

Then, scroll down until you find “Emote” and pick the emote you want to use from there. Remember, you can only have one emote ready to use at a time.

To use your chosen emote in the game, if you’re on a PS5, you’ll use the d-pad. On a PC, you press the letter B.

If you’d like to use a different button for your emote, you can change this by going into the Options menu and adjusting your keybinds to whatever feels best for you.

That’s our guide on emotes in Helldivers 2! We hope you found it helpful and that it adds a fun new layer to your gaming experience. For more guides and gaming tips, be sure to visit our gaming section.

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