How to use a Shield in Palworld

Your shield is key in Palworld. It gives you extra safety in battles. Let's learn how to use it well.

When you start in Palworld, fighting is easy. But as you go up levels and look for rare stuff and Pals, it gets harder. You’ll face tough bosses in dungeons too.

Battles will become longer and tougher. You might even get beaten quickly by a Pal. That’s why a shield is so important for more safety.

If you like to play safe, here’s all about using a shield in Palworld.

What does the Common Shield do in Palworld?

The shield in Palworld works differently from regular shields. It’s not something you hold in your hand for protection.

Instead, it’s like a passive ability that adds to your health. When your shield bar is full, you can take more damage.

The cool part? The shield fills up again by itself. No need to fix it. Just avoid getting hit and wait for it to refill.

How to use a shield in Palworld

To use a shield in Palworld, start at level 4. You unlock the Common Shield then. Craft it with 10 Paldium Fragment, 20 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Fiber at your Primitive Workbench.

After crafting, press F to equip the shield. Or, drag it to your Shield slot in the inventory. This is how you also swap shields.

As you play more, you’ll find better shields. They need different materials. It might take effort, but it pays off, especially in hard levels.

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