Splatoon 3 ‘Drizzle Season’ Update: New Weapons & Stages!

Nintendo enthusiasts, get ready to dive back into the vibrant world of ink-based warfare as a new wave of excitement crashes onto Splatoon 3. Prepare to make your mark once again with the upcoming ‘Drizzle Season’ update, scheduled to unleash its colorful chaos on September 1st.

As fans have come to anticipate from the preceding seasons, this ink-splattered extravaganza promises a treasure trove of novelties for all inklings and octolings alike. From fresh weaponry to dynamic stages and a wave of stylish gear, let’s delve into what awaits us in this eagerly awaited update.

Fresh Stages Make Their Debut

  • Crableg Capital: The stage takes players into a bustling metropolis adorned with colossal cranes and intricate girders. This urban jungle offers a symphony of high and low ground, setting the stage for exhilarating battles that are sure to challenge even the most seasoned squids.
  • Shipshape Cargo Co.: Cast off for a maritime showdown on a ship. Embrace the rolling waves as you engage in ink-spraying combat, vying for dominance on this unique battlefield afloat on the seas.
  • Salmonid Smokeyard Returns: The popular ‘Salmonid Smokeyard’ stage from Splatoon 2 reenters the fray, giving players another chance to prove their mettle against the aquatic threats of the Salmon Run mode.

A Fresh Arsenal of Weapons:

  • Dread Wringer: A Slosher-class weapon that excels at swiftly covering territory with ink. Its wide spray pattern ensures efficient area control, making it a valuable addition to any inkling’s arsenal.
  • Heavy Edit Splatling: This weapon is designed for those seeking swift and decisive offensive moves. Launch into the heart of enemy territory, delivering your inky payload with precision.

Personalize Your Style

  • Customize Your Gear: Embrace your individuality with the freedom to tweak your gear’s appearance. From wearing your cap backward to other unique adjustments, express your squid or octo personality in style.

Table Top Battles and Challenges Await

  • New Cards for Table Top Battles: Engage in tabletop battles with a fresh set of cards, adding a new layer of strategy and excitement to this beloved in-game pastime.
  • Inkjet Challenges: Embark on new challenges focused on mastering the Inkjets. Reach new heights as you hone your skills in the sky.

Anticipation Builds

While this snapshot provides a tantalizing taste of the impending ‘Drizzle Season’ update, rest assured that more delights await as we approach its release. Keep an eye out for further updates on weapon collaborations, stage intricacies, and other surprises that will make your ink-filled adventures even more thrilling.

As we bask in the waning days of Sizzle Season 2023, the prospect of ‘Drizzle Season’ promises a downpour of exhilaration and fresh challenges. Share your thoughts on what excites you the most about the upcoming season in the comments below and get ready to ink up the battlegrounds once again!

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