How To Get Bonemeal In Enshrouded

Bonemeal is key for many crafting recipes in Enshrouded, especially for magic use. Our guide shows how to get this material easily.

In Enshrouded, finding and gathering resources is key to survival. You’ll need these to make everything you need, including strong weapons, armour, and other useful items. This helps you face big challenges early in the game. Bonemeal is a crucial material too. It’s used to make potions and for farming.

Getting Bonemeal can be tricky. If you’re looking for tips on how to collect materials and craft Bonemeal, we’ve got all the info you need.

Where to find Bonemeal in Enshrouded

where to find bonemeal in enshrouded

To get Bonemeal in Enshrouded, first, make a Grinding Stones workstation. For this, unlock the Alchemist. Find and bring the Alchemist to your base. Then, under the Production Place, find the Grinding Stones recipe. Make it with 10x Flintstone and 15x Stone. With your workstation ready, gather Bones to start making Bonemeal.

The best way to find Bones is by hunting animals. While wolves and boars may attack, deer and rabbits are easier targets.

Skeletons in the Shroud also drop Bones. But, be careful if you’re not well-equipped, as they’re tough foes.

After collecting Bones, put them in the Grinding Stones to make Bonemeal. Use Bonemeal for growing plants or making Staff Charges.

We’ve covered all you need to know about making Bonemeal. Please also check out How To Get Flintstone In Enshrouded and How To Find Hardwood In Enshrouded, and visit our gaming section.

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