How To Get Flintstone In Enshrouded

Use Flintstone for Flint Arrows and building your base in Enshrouded. Here's how to find and mine it easily.

In Enshrouded, you need to gather many materials to make weapons and build things for your base. One key material is Flintstone. It’s used to upgrade your base and weapons.

It’s smart to learn where to find Flintstone early on. It helps you move up faster in the game. While Flintstone is all over the map, knowing the best spots saves time and effort. Here, we’ll share the top places to find Flintstone.

Where to Find Flintstone in Enshrouded

where to find flintstone in enshrouded

The top spot for Flintstone is the Small Flint Mine. It’s north of Braelyn Bridge or east of the Ancient Vault. Look for it on your map. But first, make sure you have a Pickaxe to mine. In the mine, use your Pickaxe to collect all the Flintstones you need.

You’ll also find Flintstone east of the Longkeep ruins. Remember, once you take Flintstone, it will come back in the same place. So, you can go back and mine more whenever you need to make Flintstone Arrows or Rough Flintstone Blocks.

How To Make Flint Arrow With Flintstone?

To make Flint Arrows, first unlock the Hunter. Find the Hunter’s vault, then add the NPC to your base. Craft arrows with Twigs and Flint. Ten Flintstone gives you 50 arrows. Stock up on arrows for exploring Enshrouded or fighting an Elixir Well boss.

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