How to Get Bones in Palworld

Here's how to obtain Bones in Palworld.

Bones are key for making medicine in Palworld. They help heal your Pals after hard work. Keep many Bones ready for use.

Finding Bones can be tough. This guide will show you where to get them in Palworld.

How to get Bones in Palworld

Get bones in palworld

To get bones in Palworld, you need to beat or catch certain Pals. These include Anubis, Bushi, Cawgnito, and Gorirat. Bones aren’t found just lying around or by mining. You must defeat these Pals for bones.

Here are some Pals that drop bones:

  • Vixy (Neutral)
  • Anubis (Ground)
  • Verdash (Grass)
  • Rushoar (Ground)
  • Cawgnito (Dark)
  • Loupmoon (Dark)
  • Gorirat (Neutral)
  • Maraith (Dark)
  • Vanwyrm (Fire/Dark)
  • Vanwyrm Cryst (Ice/Dark)
  • Bushi (Fire)

Many Pals drop bones, but Vixy is the most common. It’s the best one to farm for bones. To see if a Pal drops bones, open the Paldeck, click a Pal, and look at “Possible Drops.” Use their types to plan your battles. Remember, not all Pals drop bones, so check first before deciding to defeat them.

How to farm Bones in Palworld

Farming Bones in Palworld is simple. Battle Pals that drop Bones, using a Pal that’s strong against them. The best choice is Vixy. You can find them near your starting point, and they’re usually not too tough.

Before you battle Vixy, try to catch one. They’re great to have. They find items for you at your Ranch, like Pal Spheres.

Even when you’re not looking for Bones, battle any Pal you meet. They give you useful stuff. This way, you’ll always have resources when you need them

By following these steps, you’ll collect a good amount of Bones and other resources.

Can you Buy Bones from Wandering Merchants in Palworld?

can you buy bones from wandering merchants in palworld

Yes, you can buy Bones in Palworld without battling Pals. Just visit the Merchant in The Small Settlement. There, Bones cost 100 Gold. Near this Settlement, there’s a Great Eagle Statue. It lets you fast travel easily. There are more Merchants in Palworld, but this one is nearest to where you start.

That’s our guide on How to Get Bones in Palworld. Hope it helped! Be sure to check our other articles, like How to Get and Use Horns in Palworld, How to Breed Anubis in Palworld, and Palworld Small Feed Bag Not Working. Also, don’t forget to visit our gaming section for more.

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