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How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan 2022?

How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan 2021?
  • Go to the official Localbitcoins website and create a free account there.
  • To view sellers who sell bitcoin, just look for sellers with good reviews.
  • Enter the bitcoin you want to buy and transfer the funds to His or Her local bank account.
  •  After accepting the payment, the seller issues the bitcoins.

Now everyone is talking about investing in cryptocurrency and how to get rich in a few days by investing in cryptocurrency. What people don’t know is that digital currencies have experienced many ups and downs in the past few years. Maybe investing in cryptocurrencies have risk. Do you want to know how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan? Be sure to read the entire article.

We have all the information we need. One of the most volatile digital currencies in recent years is Bitcoin. However, we will discuss the fluctuations in the value of these bitcoins later in the purchase of bitcoins in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis are looking for bitcoins and how to buy them. First, people are looking for bitcoin in Pakistan second, they are looking for different digital wallets third, and most importantly, they ask how to exchange bitcoin in Pakistan these are some of the questions that people ask but do not exist.

How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan 2021?

Therefore, we will try to answer all these questions and show you the safest way to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. Information about the blockchain, but first we will discuss what cryptocurrency is and what type of cryptocurrency you can buy.


Encrypted currency is a cryptographically protected digital or virtual currency called cryptocurrency. Thanks to this cryptography, no one can forge cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a distributed network based on blockchain technology. The most important thing about cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central bank or authority, which makes it immune to government intervention.

Types of Cryptocurrency

However, Bitcoin is still the most valuable digital currency in the world. All these digital currencies have different attributes and functions.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Cardano
  4. Litecoin
  5. Peercoin
  6. Ripple

These are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.


When we define cryptocurrency, we say that it is based on blockchain technology and everyone is interested in blockchain. The blockchain is also explained. The blockchain is an ever-growing list of records, called blocks, linked by cryptography. It is a digital ledger used to store transaction records between two parties. Blockchain is an efficient and proven system, and it does not allow data to be changed, that is, it is an open and distributed digital ledger that cannot be changed.

How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan 2021 (2)

The world, but Bitcoin is the most valuable and important thing for people all over the world. Therefore, we will only focus on Bitcoin. Before you start buying Bitcoin in Pakistan, you need to understand these things.


We have covered all the details about cryptocurrency and blockchain, and now we will discuss why everyone loves Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently one of the earliest and most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. The price of Bitcoin soared in 2017. Now 1 Bitcoin is equal to 1,446,470.09 Pakistani Rupee. You can use various wallet applications to store bitcoins. Most people in Pakistan are only interested in Bitcoin, so we will guide you through different ways to do this. Buying Bitcoin and its risks. Bitcoin logo picture.

Is it legal to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan?

In April 2018, the National Bank of Pakistan banned the use of all cryptocurrencies. He ordered all banks and money service providers to block all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading. So it is illegal to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan, but people still invest in Bitcoin. Therefore, investing in Bitcoin is risky, and trading Bitcoin in Pakistan, you can get caught.

After Pakistan banned cryptocurrency, there was no legal transaction system, and people mainly exchanged Bitcoin for cash. If you trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Pakistan, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) may catch you, so please consider this risk before buying or selling Bitcoin in Pakistan. Or how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

How to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan

There is only one exchange in Pakistan, and people can use it to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. is the only platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Pakistan. Trade bitcoins with local You need to create an account on your website.

There is only one exchange in Pakistan, and people can use it to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan. is the only platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Pakistan. In order to exchange bitcoins with, you need to create one on your website. Here, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

  • Open the LocalBitcoins website and click “register” for free.
  • Then, you need to provide an email address and password to create an account.
  •  For large transactions, you need to upload a scanned copy of the CNIC.
  •  If you don’t want to make large transactions, you don’t need to download them.
  •  After creating an account, click Buy Bitcoin. After that, you will see a list of Bitcoin traders. They sell Bitcoin, and you should choose a seller with a good rating.
  • Now click “Buy” and read all the terms and conditions.
  • Write down the number of bitcoins you want to buy from the seller.
  • The merchant will now send you the local payment details, where you need to send the local currency.
  • Then the seller issues bitcoins. Don’t forget to send money. Give it to the seller in an hour. Otherwise, the seller can object to the exchange.
  • You will have bitcoins in your wallet.

Local bitcoins A Bitcoin Marketplace

You can also sell bitcoins, just click on sell bitcoins and sell to the seller who pays the highest amount.


Due to the ban, most people in Pakistan are converting bitcoins into cash. Urdu Bit trading platform, but now they don’t exchange bitcoin in Pakistan. . It is Pakistan’s first Bitcoin trading platform. (But Urdu Bit is shutting down soon.) Another way to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan is face to face. You are dealing with a person face to face and paying them in local currency in return.

Cryptocurrency In short, Bitcoin transactions are still going on in Pakistan. In addition, after understanding the risks associated with bitcoin transactions, people are still investing in them. If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin in Pakistan, you need to consider its impact. We try to cover everything related to Bitcoin and hope that in this article we will answer all your questions about Bitcoin.

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