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How to Register an online NTN number on FBR 2022?

How to Register online NTN number on FBR 2021?

How to Register online NTN number on FBR 2021?

Do you want to know how to get an NTN number? So here is a complete guide.

  •  Go to the FBR IRIS portal and click Register for those who are not registered.
  • Enter all the information in the form and click the “Submit” button.
  •  Your account and process request form 181. Fill in all your personal details, income, and asset details, and you will receive NTN within a few hours.


If you have income in Pakistan, you must pay taxes. You need a national tax number (NTN) to pay taxes. Federal tax authorities require all employees and businessmen to pay taxes owed. To pay these taxes in Pakistan, you must be registered in the Federal Taxation Commission (FBR) system.

Why you need a National Tax Number (NTN)

If you must pay income tax, property tax, or sales tax in Pakistan, you must have a National Tax Number (NTN). Taxpayers have some advantages, but there are fewer vehicles. Token tax. If you do not apply, you will have to pay higher tax rates for banks, real estate, and car brands.

It is best to become a taxpayer because you will avoid raising the tax rate on many things. A National Tax Number (NTN) is required to file tax returns in Pakistan. If you receive a salary, your employer can issue you a national tax number (NTN) at the Federal Revenue Service (FBR). File a tax return to the FBI.

Obtaining a National FBR Tax Number

You must obtain a National FBR Tax Number (NTN). The process today is simple. You don’t have to go to the Federal Revenue Service to obtain your national tax number.

If your income is taxable income, you must receive NTN from FBR. lacs every year, then you must pay income tax. National Tax Number (NTN), you need to take a few steps, and you need to have the required documents.

If you are an employee, the required documents are as follows.

  • A copy of a valid CNIC
  • A copy of the most recently paid household electricity bill (not more than 3 months)
  • The last payment proof phone number (mobile phone and landline) and a valid email address
  •  The employer’s national tax number (NTN), office address, and valid email address

If you have a business, the following are the documents you need to obtain NTN.

  • Copy of valid CNIC.
  • Copy of recently paid electricity bill of business location.
  • Blank Business Letter Head.
  • Real estate document or lease agreement (the lease agreement will be printed on stamped paper with an amount of 200 rupees/-)
  •  contact number (fixed phone and mobile phone) and valid email address.

Type of business To obtain NTN, you must create an account on the Federal Tax Commission website. Offline process, but we will guide you through the online process to obtain a National Tax Number (NTN).

step 1:

To get NTN from FBR, you need to open the link below to start the process.

How to Register online NTN number on FBR 2021?

How to Register an online NTN number on FBR 2021?

Step 2:

After opening the link given above, you need to click on Registration if you are not registered before.

How to Register online NTN number on FBR 2021?

Step 3:

The form will appear on your screen, enter all the necessary information, such as CNIC, name, contact number, address, valid email address, etc.

Step 4:

After entering all the information, click the “Submit” button. You will now receive two different 6-digit codes to the specified mobile phone number and email address.

Step 5:

Enter the code in the corresponding field and submit. Your account will be created and you will receive your password and PIN from FBR via SMS or email. Log in to your account using the user ID and password sent to you.

Step 6:

After logging in to your IRIS account, click “Drafts”. You will see request form 181.

How to get the NTN number

Step 7:

Click the Edit button, you will see different tabs, such as personal tab, business tab, attribute tab, link tab, attachment tab, and bank account tab.

step 8:

If you work for a company, you must enter the NTN of your employer in the “Link” tab. No need to fill in the information on the “Business” and “Bank” tabs. Submit to complete registration. Information in the registry. The above documents must be attached to the article.

The following are the steps to obtain a National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR Pakistan. You can obtain NTN through the offline system. However, in order to obtain NTN, you need to hire a tax consultant. FBR you must have documents for getting NTN from FBR.

What is the value of NTN registration?

Registring the NTN number presents you qualified as a taxpayer. The ongoing government is also very significant of non-taxpayers. By registering yourself, you seem in the spotlight of those perks and benefits that most utmost taxpayers are eligible to have. So, copy these easy moves to get National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR Pakistan. You can also perceive NTN via the offline system. However, for this purpose, you have to hire a Tax counselor to get NTN from FBR. This process is dull and needs a lot of time that will make it inconvenient for you.

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