instagram is testing new stories design to hide excessive posts

Instagram is Testing new Stories Design to Hide Excessive Posts

Instagram Stories is one of the most famous features available in Instagram. Users are making use of the feature by posting their photos or videos for 24 hours. Recently, according to report, Instagram Stories is trying out a new design to hide excessive posts.

Currently, users can post a maximum of 100 stories at a time. However, the number will always consist of the same three stories. To check the other users stories, users have to tap Show all. If not, Instagram moves on to the next user’s stories.

This update will bring a significant change to Instagram Stories’ layout. The creators may not like this feature. Now, people use to tap the screen to see all the stories from a specific account. Then it will move to the other person’s stories. After the update will roll out for everyone, it will change all this process. Moreover, this feature will likely lower the number of views.

The great thing about this feature is that, after the feature is enabled, the users would be able to see posts from more people. Users could also check stories out for interest and convenience.

As of now, only a certain number of people are getting this update. If you are among those that likes it, the feature will be released for everyone in the near future. We are not sure when everyone is going to get this update.