List of All Alpha Bosses Locations In Palworld

Find and beat all 44 strong pals in Palworld! See where they are, how strong they are, and what they can do.

Are you ready for an adventure in Palworld? Many people, just like you, are exploring Palpagos. This place is full of fun challenges. One big adventure is fighting Alpha Bosses. These bosses are very strong pals who live in different places. Beating them gives you great prizes. You can even make them your friends! Want to know where to find them? Here is a simple guide to all Alpha Boss locations in Palworld.

All Alpha Bosses Locations In Palworld

Right now, there are 44 Alpha Bosses in Palworld. They live outside or in special places called dungeons. Here is a list of them. You will see their names, how strong they are, what type they are, and where to find them.

Alpha Boss List:

Alpha Boss NameLevelElementLocation (Coordinates)
Chillet11IceSouth of Fort Ruins (170,-430)
Gumoss11GrassNorth of Sea Breeze Archipelago (-114,-630)
Sweepa11IceNE of Sea Breeze Archipelago (-225,-595)
Dumud14GroundNE of Azurobe Hill (-309, 4)
Penking15IceSouth of Sealed Realm (113,-353)
Grintale17NeutralSW of Natural Bridge (357,-246)
Azurobe17Water/DragonWest of Bridge of Twin Knights (-53,-388)
Nitewing18NeutralNorth of Sealed Realm (-274,-69)
Felbat23DarkNorth of Azurobe Hill (-411,-54)
Kingpaca23NeutralNW of Small Settlement (49,-463)
Katress23PsychicSouth of Islandhopper Coast (240,-343)
Bushi23FireSW of Sealed Realm (-119,-500)
Broncherry23GrassNW of Seabreeze Archipelago (-223,-669)
Quivern23DragonNorth of Sealed Realm (-225,-121)
Fenglope25NeutralSW of Ascetic Falls (-261,-459)
Petallia28GrassNorth of Ancient Ritual Site (-21,-257)
Beakon29ElectricSW of Deep Bamboo Thicket (-347,-255)
Elphidran30DragonEast of Ancient Ritual Site (40,-283)
Broncherry Aqua30Grass/WaterEast of Ascetic Falls (-167,-447)
Warsect30Grass/GroundSE of Goblin’s Turf (164,-240)
Mossanda Lux31ElectricNE of Natural Bridge (441,-186)
Elizabee31GrassNorth of Lake Center (37,-187)
Univolt31ElectricWest of Sea Breeze Archipelago (-107,-550)
Relaxasaurus Lux31Electric/DragonEast of Sealed Realm (-181,-356)
Lunaris32NeutralNW of Sea Breeze Archipelago (-147,-663)
Verdash35GrassSouth of Sealed Realm (286,2)
Mammorest38GrassEast of Grassy Behemoth Hills (192,-477)
Wumpo Botan38GrassNW of Eastern Wild Island (448,-51)
Vaelet38GrassNE of Sealed Realm (132,-49)
Sibelyx40IceNW of Sealed Realm (253,69)
Ice Kingpaca43IceInside the Forgotten Mineshaft (-107,-307)
Menasting44DarkNorth of Eastern Wild Island (521,75)
Jormuntide45Water/DragonNE of Mossanda Forest (350,-87)
Jormuntide45Water/DragonSW of Investigator’s Fork (-176,-262)
Suzaku45FireNE of Sealed Realm; Dessicated Desert (439,275)
Anubis47GroundNE of Sealed Realm (-130,-96)
Dinossom Lux47Electric/DragonWest of Deep Sand Dunes (349,563)
Astegon48Dark/DragonWest of Mount Obsidian (-576,-421)
Blazamut49FireSW of Volcano (-436,-529)
Lyleen Noct49DarkNW of Unthawable Lake (-142,322)
Necromus50DarkNW of Deep Sand Dunes (446,681)
Paladius50NeutralNW of Deep Sand Dunes (446,681)
Jetragon50DragonNorth of Beach of Everlasting Summer (-789,-321)
Frostallion50IceEast of Land of Absolute Zero (-357,508)

Ending Thoughts

We hope this guide helps you on your journey in Palworld. Fighting these Alpha Bosses is a big adventure. Tell us which boss was the hardest for you or which one was easier than you thought. Enjoy your adventure in Palworld and good luck making new strong pals!

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