Diablo IV is set to join Xbox Game Pass soon

Diablo IV is coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, and it's great news for gamers!

Big news for gamers! Diablo IV, a hit from last year, will soon be part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup. This is happening for the first time on March 28th. It’s a big deal because Diablo IV is from Activision Blizzard, a really big company in gaming.

Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard and everyone was wondering, “When will we see their games on Xbox Game Pass?” Phil Spencer from Microsoft said last year that we’d see games like Call of Duty in 2024. But surprise! We’re getting Diablo IV first.

Diablo IV was super popular last year. It keeps getting updates that make it even more fun. Now, by being on Game Pass, 34 million people can play it. That’s a lot of happy gamers!

The people at Xbox also said they have more surprises coming. They’re going to bring four big games to more people and keep making Xbox Game Pass awesome. Diablo IV is just the start. More good stuff from Activision Blizzard is on the way.

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