Man Sets World Record of Highest Ever Tightrope Walk Video'
man sets world record of highest ever tightrope walk video

A daring guy has set a new world record for the highest ever tightrope walk after walking barefoot on the inch-wide slackline between two hot air balloons at a height of 6,236 feet.

The amazing footage of Rafael Zungo Bridi fearlessly walking on the narrow rope mid-air has been posted by Guinness World Records.

The 35-year-old athlete can be seen dangling perilously on the slackline among the clouds.

According to GWR, “this very risky achievement also won @rafabridi the record title for highest highline (male), free solo (ISA-verified).”

“The feeling of floating and freedom has always been one of the biggest motivations for my highline practice, and nothing can bring this sensation so vividly as a crossing between balloons where both points are in constant motion.” Bridi told GWR.

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