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Music iceberg Spotify – How to Create You Spotify Iceberg

Icebergify is a tool that displays all of your favorite Spotify artists in a chart that represents — you guessed it — an iceberg. It’s the recent viral Spotify tool closely following behind the Spotify Pie chart that selected up a lot of attention earlier this month.

Music iceberg Spotify

According to Icebergify, it collects data from your top 50 artists in your short-term, medium-term, and long-term listening trends. So the artists on your chart could be musicians you haven’t heard in a few months, or bands you’ve only recently discovered.

It takes a look at the top artists, organizes them by popularity or obscurity, and then places them in an iceberg category. For example, if you listen to a lot of Ed Sheeran, he’ll end up at the top of the iceberg because he’s one of the most popular artists out there.

They’ll be closer to the bottom if you listen to a lot of Antichrist Siege Machine. If you don’t listen to any artists at a certain level of popularity, the level will be blank — so you may want to work on diversifying your music taste before sharing.

How to Create your Spotify Icebergify

All you have to do, like most Spotify music analyzing tools, is visit a website, grant them access to your Spotify account, and you’ll have an iceberg-shaped chart to share with your friends and enemies.

  • Open the Icebergify site on your phone or desktop browser.
  • Sign in with your Spotify account after clicking “create yours.”
  • When prompted, grant the app permission to read your listening history. Icebergify is a third-party app created by independent web developer Akshay Raj, which means it is not affiliated with Spotify.
  • The app only scrapes your listening data (which Spotify already collects and shares with its advertising partners unless you turn it off), but if you don’t want to share your listening history with anyone, you should avoid Spotify Iceberg.
  • Wait a moment after giving the app access to your listening history for the data to be collected and turned into an iceberg.
  • We noticed that the app occasionally returns a “500 Internal Error” page, but if this happens, simply refresh and try again (it may take a few attempts before it works). Also, a blank section indicates that you do not listen to bands in that popularity range.

When you’re finished with your Spotify Iceberg, copy and save the image, take a screenshot, and share it with your friends and followers.